Winter Skin Care: 9 Tips To Get Winter Happy Skin

Winter Skin Care

Nothing seems hectic than trying to take care of your skin during winter time. The snow, up and down Christmas preparation and the large cooking you have to do during this period is overwhelming. Moreover, there comes a dry skin during this time, hell no! It can be a life-threatening experience for you, especially ladies. I am emphasizing on ladies because men care less about their skin appearance.

The winter weather is harsh on your skin. The presence of low humidity leads to dry air; the dry air snatches away moisture found on your skin every time. With no care done to your skin, the dry skin can start bleeding and cracking; the winter wind makes your problem worse.

Similarly, the presence of indoor heat steals moisture from the air so do not do hot showers and harsh cleansers. Finding a way to get additional moisture is one of the means of avoiding dry skin.

However, you will need to add more activities to control the effects and maintain a smooth and youthful skin. During the winter period, the vitamin D and radiance your skin receive during warm season disappear and thus, you will need to find a way to maintain beautiful skin.

Use of appropriate moisturizing lotions and cold creams may come in handy. Although, it is essential for you to follow a winter skin care guide to fight dry skin. Below are recommended tips that will help you keep your skin healthy during the winter months:

1. Drink adequate water:

Taking enough water is essential for you to keep your body in good shape for the entire year. Water keeps our digestive tract on point, help avoid headaches and helps us avoid fatigue. Not forgetting it is vital to keeping your skin in an elegant shape. The presence of cool air during winter will make your skin dry and brittle. Water is important in escalating your skin thickness and enable blood flow to the affected areas. If you avoid taking water, you risk having a dull complexion.

During the winter season, we drink little or no water. Most of the individuals choose hot drinks like tea. It is essential for you not to forget that your skin is in need of hydration, and water provides that much better than any drinks. If you find you can’t drink water, at least try taking lemon with warm water it is hydrating and refreshing at the same time.

2. Avoid hot, long showers:

Hot showers during winter will make you feel good. On arriving home after getting exposed to the cold, you may feel hot showers are what you need, avoid them like the plaque. It is a trap! This is what they can do to your skin; they will make it dry. The best part is that hot showers should not be avoided completely. Instead, you need to take short warm showers and cuddle with a warm blanket to get warmth.

Hot showers may make your skin to get rid of its natural oil. In case you have ever noted red skin after a hot shower. My guess is you have ever experienced dry skin, but you are not aware.

Winter Skin Care

3. Exfoliate dead skin:

You may forget to help your skin get rid of dead cells during winter. The most affected part is our hands, moisture will not penetrate your skin pores if the dead cells are still on your skin. Instead, you need to look for an exfoliating mask and use it to clean your face and lips, then immediately apply moisture to get a smooth skin. In case you are not a fun mask, you may choose to use exfoliating body washes. If you feel you may be suffering from acne, there is need to see a specialist before you start acne treatment.

4. Purchase right product to help take care of your skin:

To take good care of your skin in winter, you need to stay moisturized at all times. Thus, you need to pick products that are winter-friendly to your skin. Although throughout the skin care hacks for winter we try to be natural in treating your skin. Keep away from harsh cleansers and bar soap, they will dry your skin. Instead, choose natural products with vitamin c additives and honey to help keep your skin clean and healthy.

5. Avoid harsh facials:

Facials are a good way to clean our face. Although during dry winters you need to avoid them, they will harm your skin. Avoid harsh facials that have astringents or toners that are alcohol-based and any with invasive chemicals. Instead, use cleansing milk or forming cleaner with no alcohol additives. Furthermore, avoid facial products made from clay. They will get the moisture out of your face.

6. Be aware of your skin type:

It is important to help you choose a moisturizer that suits your skin. In case you tend to experience a flare during winter, you will need to choose a lotion that has salicylic acid additives. It will assist your skin to exfoliate and reduce dryness on bumpy skin during cold weather. If you are fond of having a dry skin even during warm months. You will be required to moisturize your skin more often as compared to individuals with oily skin.

Winter Skin Care

7. Dry, wet socks and gloves immediately:

As you enjoy the snow, your socks and gloves may get wet. It is advisable for you to dry them immediately. This is because, if you leave your hands wet they will dry up. The water will dry your hands fast than having them in the cold, thus leading to dry skin.

8. Buy a humidifier:

Humidifiers will keep your skin to have more moisture during winter. Since the gadget puts more moisture into the air and stops your skin from getting dry. In case you set up a few of them in your house. There will be no worry of dry air in the house. It distributes the moisture evenly throughout the house.

9. Moisturize your hands:

Most of the time when you moisturize your skin you avoid hands because they feel greasy. Your hand skin is thinner than the skin on the rest of your body. Thus it needs extra attention. The hand is made up of few oil glands. Therefore it is essential to keep it moisturized. It can be a hectic activity to keep moisture in the hands due to the cold weather. They may become dry and thus may even crack if you do not moisturize them regularly.

After you wash your hands is essential to remember moisturizing them using a moisturizer that has oil additives. During cold weather, remember to put on gloves. In case you put on wool in cold weather add a thin cotton glove to avoid wool from irritating your hands. You should be able to find a list of top moisturizers that will fit your condition.


It is essential to keep your skin moisturized during winters. It does not need to be an expensive practice. All the methods mentioned above can be done in the comfort of your home with no need of a specialist. The hand is mostly ignored, but it needs more care due to the light nature of its skin.

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