In the world, education is not less than a blessing. Society is the collection of people who form it on the basis of mutual beliefs and values, these believe directly impact the way we think and act. It consists of social stratification and social structures that we get to know through education. The people in the society formulate the education system that transmits knowledge at various levels. The topics that are always part of our discussion are how education has impacted society or what are the positive and negative impacts of education on the society. But the most important thing is seldom discussed and that is in what ways education has shaped our present society. This education shapes the society in ways we cannot imagine; the main idea behind it is to realize that society is itself an education.

The present world is constantly changing and to match with the speed of it, education is crucial. In order to bring change in our society in terms of progress, education is the key. If we have educated minds in our society the challenges can be tackled in the best possible ways. Education infuses the ability of innovation and adaptability on which progress depends. Education results in better relationships among the members of the society that fosters respect and engages citizens in more social action and public awareness. A significant number of students spend the majority of their time in schools; the education they receive determines the shape the society is to form.

Society is also shaped by the products education provides us with. The kind of product given determines how society will sustain. The products could range from health to peace. If the products are rotten then the society won’t do well as a whole but if the products are pure than it will. Education prepares the next generation to keep building the society that lives it. If the society does well than others will also engage in education to build it better and strong.

One of the best investment government can make is on education. The reason to this is that education brings people together. But it has been observed is that government fails to provide the people with the basic human right to education especially women, children and many more. The most vulnerable citizens are deprived; this adds to the tensions of ethnic and religious that is more worsened for personal and political gain, the tactic used by corrupt law practitioners. Education removes the barrier of ethnicity, religion, and culture. It serves as a platform that bridges the gap between these factors. People should be made to receive education from their childhood as it provides them the opportunity for social interactions which give us the ability to read people in the society. It is essential for the members of the society to realize that as an active participant, we can sustain peace in their region. The world is meant to move ahead which is the real outcome of education. Also, it eradicates the social inequalities and unhealthy pedagogue practices which are some of the negative effects of society on our lives.

Society is the unit that cannot be parted from us. The beliefs and norms tied to it make us who we are. Education and society are attached together and it is entirely upon us to how to utilize education to create a positive impact on society. As it is education which assists us in exploring new visions and concepts, providing an opportunity to be more open to exposure, all of which could help us bring the desired change.

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