Hustle Culture 101: Everything You Need to Know

Hustle Culture

Hustle culture is a term that is often heard nowadays in the world of professionals. Some feel this culture is a good thing, but some are totally against it because of the bad effects they might pose in the long term.

To help you decide and know more about hustle culture, we have listed down the most sought-after information that can help shed some light on your worry regarding what hustle culture is, its effects, and whether you should avoid it or not.

What is Hustle Culture?

What happens if your life only revolves around work? When you wake up in the morning, the first thing that you do is checking your work email. During the day you work on your daily task, and you still do some more work when you get home to get the job done. This is an example of a hustle culture that is often found among the professionals.

Hustle culture is a standard in society that thinks that you can only achieve success if you truly dedicate your life and time to work as hard as you can. In actuality, hustle culture has the same meaning as work holism, but it’s wrapped in a title that just seems cooler. This culture has made it harder for people to differentiate between their professional and personal life because there are no clear boundaries between them.

While you hope to be successful and productive by adopting a hustle culture, it does not rule out the possibility that your physical and mental health will be affected negatively instead.

Hustle culture is very common to happen among millennials who work, or people who are currently about to build their own businesses. It is often done by the latter who think that they need to do more to establish their business. Usually, they also do not have huge capital to begin with, thus they do everything to manage the business by themselves. From preparing for the company registration, marketing and promotional aspect, business development strategy, and many others. The notion of hustle culture is clearly applied here.

For employees, it usually happens because bosses think that they can ask their employees to do anything regardless of the time. To cap it off, the subordinates may also feel that they have to fulfill this. There is nothing wrong if you want to work hard or put the work first. However, it will be bad for you, if you can’t enjoy life and have no other priorities besides work.

What are the Causes of Hustle Culture?

Here are some of the reasons why hustle culture took place in the professional realm.

1.   Toxic positivity

Toxic positivity is the notion that no matter how difficult your situation is, you have to stay positive. It sounds like nothing’s wrong, right? However, this understanding makes people force themselves to always hold back any negative emotions. This is wrong because negative emotions should be accepted so that they are easier to overcome in the future.

2.   You don’t understand yourself well enough

You can avoid the hustle culture trap when you know yourself well enough and what your future career goals are. That way, you won’t easily follow other people’s standards of success, let alone make career decisions that don’t match your goals.

3.   Technology development

Technological developments also play a part in creating the hustle culture’s massive growth. Nowadays there are many opportunities for remote working which make it easier for people to work without having to think about commuting. Not to mention that more and more work platforms to support daily work are made available, thus it helps to make sure all communication processes can be done very easily with the internet. This convenience has contributed to the hustle culture growth.

4.   Society’s social standards

Society often assumes that the busier a person is, the more successful they will be. Many also associate the definition of success based on position, money, or other assets. Not to mention life targets that are unrealistic and not necessarily suitable for everyone, such as having a huge number of savings at the age of 20-ish, purchasing your own car, and many others.

This condition forces people to follow social standards because if they don’t, they will be seen as people who have not been successful in leading their life.

What is the Bad Impact of Hustle Culture?

Many bad impacts can take place due to the hustle culture. Burnout is the ultimate impact and the most common one that you might experience. Burnout is a condition where you experience physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion due to too much work.

When you experience burnout, you will lose your motivation to work and thus it will affect your overall work performance. You will also experience exhaustion that can impact your body’s health. These are some of the signs that you will experience when you experiencing burnout:

  • Quick to anger
  • Chronic headaches
  • Unproductive at work
  • Doubtful
  • Procrastinate too often
  • Feeling trapped and unable to do anything

Though many think that hustle culture is needed to improve one’s career, it does not mean that it is the single factor that can help to improve your career growth. Instead, hustle culture can be the ultimate reason that causes burnout and thus negatively impacts your overall work performance. Being mindful of what you do, and striving for work-life balance is the key for you to achieving life success!

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