Got Shave Sensitive Skin? Here Is What You Should Try


Human skin is like the paint in the art which is up for sale. One can easily derive that this is the most valuable and sensitive organ of the human body. In the matter of shaving, this should be taken into account and according to the sensitivity, the right type of cream should be opted for because some creams come with ingredients which are harmful to the skin of the individual or sometimes the ingredient doesn’t suit the skin type one is having. So it is better to choose the right type of product which does not harm the skin of the individual.

What does a shaving cream does- Below are some of the pints which will shed some light on why is shaving cream necessary, the points are as follows-

  • Direct contact of the blade with the skin is dangerous and don’t always plays safe as the blade has an edge surface and this can sometimes result in a severe cut on the skin
  • Without the lubrication of any type on the skin for shaving the beard off, the shaving of beard might result in a painful process because there is no moisturization present on the skin so at that time it is kind of a rough surface
  • Itchiness and redness are developed after shaving which can be sometimes painful because moisturization is needed before and after the shaving
  • This also results in ingrown hair on the skin as some of the small size hairs are left off because of the unreachability of the blade due to the absence of shaving cream

These were the points which will take place because one is not intending to use the shaving cream to shave off the beard. The shaving cream has pretty many advantages also which are listed below-

  • Do not let the blade directly onto the skin because it provides lubrication to the blade and then makes a layer between the blade and the skin so that painless shave can be done there.
  • It softens the hairs and moisturizes the face also before shaving
  • After applying the shaving cream, the process becomes painless and effortless
  • No other new itchiness or redness is developed because it moisturizes the skin before shaving which is the main factor for itchiness
  • Gives a pretty much smooth finishing to the skin.

Which shaving cream to choose- If one wants to have some advantages after shaving then they should choose the right type of cream which will have these all plus points with it. There are some criteria which one should be willing to follow so that their skin doesn’t get affected by using any of the product; the points are as follows-

  • One should apply only those things which suit their skin. So just looking on the back side of any shaving cream will give an idea about the ingredients or constituents used in that and whether they are useful for the skin or harmful for the individual’s skin because inspecting here will save ones future sufferings.
  • This is a skin related problem so only trusted, and well-reviewed products should be chosen. One can take help of the internet or a known dermatologist and then after their prescription one will be able to choose the right product for their skin
  • Type of fragrance also matters as the shaving cream will do its work but the fragrance will irritate, so one should only pick up the fragrance they like.

Now the real question arises that which is the best shaving cream in the market for clearing off the beard. The best depends on what type of skin is the individual having that decides what is best for the individual. There is a shaving cream called Barbasol sensitive skin which is suitable to all types of skin as this is made by taking under consideration the problems faced by the individuals for their different skin types. It especially contains aloe, thyme, papaya which helps this to leave a little fragrance and moisturizes the skin. When the skin is fully moisturized, then it also provides the lubrication required by the blade to perform the shaving of the beard. Barbasol sensitive skin comes with a precaution manual which contains all the do’s and don’ts for the individual. If one follows this, then nothing can stop them from getting a perfect shave. This shaving cream also comes in a pack which is suitable and comfortable to take while traveling.

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