What Is Oxygen Therapy for Cancer And What Are Its Benefits

Oxygen therapy for cancer

Oxygen therapy for cancer is a process which involves breathing pure oxygen under a specific pressurized setting. The normal air that we breathe only contains about 22 percent of oxygen. The people can get enough oxygen from the air, but this approach is a little different from that. There are various benefits if the people are breathing air with more concentration of oxygen. It can be done using the pressure in a tube or a room. It allows the lungs to take in more oxygen than it normally would. The pressure could be at least three times more than the normal atmospheric pressure during oxygen therapy for cancer. This process is designed to heal the patient to form cancer. It can be used for treating a number of diseases like cancer.

What are the benefits of Oxygen therapy for cancer ?

Oxygen therapy for cancer can be used for a number of conditions. There are various ways this therapy can promote general healing in humans. The oxygen in our body is transported through the blood to every part of the body. There are various substances which are released when taking pure oxygen for breathing. The body is also going to make the use of extra oxygen to fight the infection as well as the bacteria. More the oxygen which is traveling through the body, the better is going to be the healing process.

If a body is suffering through injuries and infection, then more oxygen can heal those parts of the body. For example, if there is a diabetic patient who has a wound which is not being healed properly, then he/she may benefit from this therapy. The therapy is also very good for the immune system as it is going to increase the immunity of the body, which would help in fighting the cancer cells. There are various situations the oxygen therapy for cancer can be used including cancer such as injuries caused by burns, vision loss and much more.

Oxygen therapy for the cancer patient:

The treatment of using pressuring oxygen has been used from the centuries. According to the researchers, it was found out that more oxygen helps in stopping cancer from moving further in the body and also helps in lowering down the growth of the tumor. There is evidence found that this therapy can be used to stop the growth of cancer completely. There have been various studies, where it has been proved that when the oxygen therapy is combined with chemotherapy or radiation therapy, then it can easily slow down the growth of cancer. It has also been found out that if oxygen therapy for cancer is combined with the chemotherapy, then it can make the chemotherapy really effective and the results received would be better. There is also evidence related to this therapy that if combined with radiation therapy, it can also make radiation therapy more effective.

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