Is it Possible to Cure Meningioma?

Cure Meningioma

Meningioma is the rarest form of tumor that is usually benign in nature. It does not show any signs and symptoms when it is non-cancerous. Meningioma remains confined to its point of origin and does not spread to other parts in the initial stages. In such cases, it is not dangerous and does not require any cure.

However, if meningioma turns malignant and starts to spread to other parts of the brain or spinal cord apart from the protective membrane; you need to visit the doctor immediately.

If you are suffering from a complicated situation of meningioma, you can plan to undertake Best Meningioma Treatment in India. The surgeons in India are highly experienced and excel in solving all types of cancerous or non-cancerous meningioma.

How to Detect Meningioma?

Meningioma show sure signs and symptoms that are common to all the patients. It includes:

  • Chronic headache
  • Seizures
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stiffness in limbs.

The other symptoms of meningioma are specific in patients, depending on the location of the tumour.

  • If it is between the earlobes, then a patient can suffer parasagittal or paralysis on one side of the leg.
  • A patient can lose a sense of smell if meningioma spreads underneath the brain or behind the nose.
  • One of the most common symptoms of meningioma is multiple cranial nerve palsies. It occurs when the cancerous cells disturb the functioning of cells in between the brain and the eyes.
  • If meningioma spreads to the spinal cord, you can suffer from chronic pain in different parts of the spine as per the location. In most complex cases, it can even affect the mobility of the body.
  • One can lose the vision, because of meningioma, if it affects the back portion of the brain.

Although, you can find treatment to get rid of all signs and symptoms

Cost of Meningioma Treatment in India:

The starting cost of meningioma in India is USD 5,500. However, the cost of treatment may vary depending upon several factors like your choice of hospital, doctor, tests and diagnosis, price of medicine, the procedure followed by surgeons for treatment and much more.

If you are a medical traveller and you consider all the miscellaneous costs, apart from treatment; you will find the expenses of meningioma is still cheap in India. If you compare the price of treatment to other developed countries where meningioma treatment is possible, you will find that you save approximately half of the money.

Final Words:

We can conclude that it is possible to cure meningioma of all types, in all the stages. All you need to do is approach the experienced surgeon if you come across any of the signs and symptoms.

You can even visit a neurologist; he will first perform screening on you. If the treatment is possible without surgery, a neurologist will continue with the proceedings. If not, he will refer you to a neurosurgeon.

Make sure you do not delay the treatment if malignant meningioma is not controlled; it can prove to be fatal.


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