Dental Implants Have The Power to Save Your Smile!

Dental Implant

Do you suffer from the problem of missing teeth? Are you not happy with your smile? Do your missing teeth do not let you eat your favorite food?
If the answer to all these questions is a yes, then you surely need to visit a dentist. Your dentist will help you with the alternatives available.
It is advised to get your missing teeth replaced as if not then you will eventually lose your jawbone and your face will look sagging. This will make you look older than your actual age. Not only this there are nutritional associations attached to it. Because you have missing teeth you will not be able to consume much of the food leading to the nutritional deficiency in your body.
If you have missing tooth, then not replacing it will cause the issue in the adjacent tooth as well. They will not have any support and with time will eventually wear down.
With the advancement in dental technology, the options have also broadened. Now we have a permanent solution to your missing teeth which functions in the same way as your natural teeth. The permanent option for missing teeth is Dental Implants.
Dental Implants are the titanium post which is placed in your jawbone. They are the screws which work as tooth roots. These provide a long-lasting solution and a stronger solution. Because these are made of titanium, they fuse better with your jawbone beneath your gumline.

How do Dental Implants work?

Placement of Dental Implants is a surgical process. Your dentist after a thorough examination will make a treatment plan. If you have any other health issues, then you will not be advised to get dental implants placed.
During the surgery, your dentist will first give you local anesthesia to numb the area of surgery. He/she will then make an incision to your gum. A titanium screw is then placed inside your jawbone. Your dentist will then close the gum flaps with the sutures. It will then be left to heal. The time period taken to heal the area is generally 3-6 months during which you need to visit your dentist for the regular check-up and to know the condition of your gum. They are the safest option for your tooth root and works well for your body.
Dental Implant works and functions exactly like your natural tooth. If only a single tooth is missing, then Implants are the most viable alternative. Even if all or maximum teeth are missing then also implants can be proven to be the best alternative supported by the dentures.
After a good healing period of say 3-6 month your jawbone is ready to have dental crown restored on it. Your dentist will give you a crown over it to make it look and work exactly like your natural tooth. The dental implant works with a success rate of 98%. Because it looks and works exactly like your natural teeth, therefore, the care to be taken is also the same. Follow the same oral hygiene routine you usually follow to keep it safe and clean i.e. brush twice a day, floss every day and along with brushing and flossing rinse after every meal.
Sure, that we have other alternatives to missing tooth such as dentures and bridges. But both of them have certain problems. For example, dentures are not fitted permanently on your missing teeth, they are removable. Most necessarily they need to be taken out at night before sleeping. Though restore your smile and enhance your looks yet if you want to have hard food then having dentures on will prevent you from the same.
Bridges, on the other hand, are also fixed on the gums and do not support the jawbone. Moreover, to place bridges you need to trim down the teeth adjacent to it for a better fix. And it is not a lifetime solution to missing teeth as they need to be replaced after 5-7 years or maybe before depending upon the situation and the life of the crowns used in it.
So far and so forth dental implants have proven to be the best and the lifetime solution to your missing teeth. They are a one-time investment to enhance your smile and restore your beautiful looks.
To know more about Dental Implants, visit your nearest Dental Implant Clinic and get the smile you desire.

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