Know about the Treatment of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Inflammatory breast cancer is invasive cancer that makes the skin of the breast feel warm and looks red. In addition, this cancer also makes skin thick, pitted appearance and provides it with an orange peel look.

If an individual experience any of such symptoms, this is definitely a chance of cancer as the cancer cells block the lymph vessels of the skin. Moreover, when such symptoms are noticed, it is highly recommended to look for the best Oncologist in Delhi for the early diagnosis and start of the treatment early for a better result.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer when comes up with such signs, this means that it is of stage III or above. This also has the possibility that IBC has spread to other parts of the body and is considered stage IV. All such stages of this breast cancer grow at a fast pace and are challenging to treat. Here are

Possible treatment for the Stage III and stage IV inflammatory breast cancer :

Stage III:– 

Inflammatory breast cancer when spread outside or nearby the lymph nodes is known as stage IIIB or IIIC. Breast Cancer Treatment for this stage starts with chemotherapy that helps to shrink the tumor. In addition, if the cancer is HER2-positive then this therapy is provided along with the targeted therapy. The entire treatment is followed by surgery and is the best way to remove cancer. In some situation, after the surgery, more chemo is given to the patients but before the radiation. Depending on the history of the patient, if the cancer is hormone receptor positive then hormone therapy is provided to the patient along with the treatment.

With the combination of all such different ways of treatment, patient get maximum benefit and improve the survival to several years. Adding to the treatment, if a patient experience improvement in cancer, doctors go for surgery where the entire lymph nodes and breast under the arm are removed. Although there are other options like skin sparing mastectomy or breast-conserving surgery, they are not an effective option in this cancer.

Stage IV:

This is a complex stage where treatment differs from the other initial stages due to medical complexities. Patient of this stage is treated using:

  • Hormonal therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted therapy with a drug that targets HER2

As per the treatment handled so far, the treatment may vary from patient to patient and a combination of these treatment methods may be used. In some cases, radiation and surgery show a positive effect and some prefer other combinations. Thus, no matter what stage of inflammatory breast cancer a patient is suffering, it is highly recommended to participate in the clinical trial. This is a new method of cancer treatment that has shown positive result so far on patients.

With all these methods and combination of different cancer treatment definitely, improve the survival of a patient and improve the chances of recovery. It is best to visit the best hospital for treatment at an early stage and diagnose cancer.

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