How to Choose a Hair Transplant Surgeon

Hair Transplant Surgeon
Hair Transplant Surgeon

You may have experienced some hair on your comb or towel and we are sure you generally ignore these hairs because you think it is normal to observe some hair after combing or having a bath.

Well, you are not wrong if you think everything is normal if you see 50 to 100 hairs daily. But, if you experience an increased number of hairs on a regular basis, you have to worry about a proper solution.

Hair loss with a gradually receding hairline is an obvious sign of pattern hair loss or androgenic alopecia that is a genetic problem.

Experts agree that hair transplant is not treatable but you have a solid solution for this problem.

According to the hair loss experts, you may be treated with the help of hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant surgery is a complete procedure to cure the genetic hair loss. it is performed by removing the hairs from the sites where the hair remains stable after the progression of hair loss and transplanting the hair to the bald sites.

Hair transplant surgery provides guaranteed results with a condition that you need a well-qualified and experienced surgeon to perform the surgery.

Hair transplant is a complex procedure that deals with different stages of genetic baldness. it is performed using different techniques like FUT and FUE. All of these techniques are performed according to the candidacy of the patients.

As you see, proper diagnosis, selections of the technique, and execution of the surgery is not a piece of cake for the hair transplant surgeons. Thus, only a trained surgeon can assist you till the end of your treatment.

How to Search a Certified Hair Transplant Surgeon?

This is a million dollar question.

However, if you are prepared and have gained sufficient knowledge about the treatment of hair loss, it is not impossible to find a qualified doctor.

First of all, you may look for the following traits before you make a final choice.


According to the regulating authorities of hair loss treatment, only a certified and licensed medical doctor can perform the hair transplant surgery. This surgery includes several surgical or non-surgical activities that can be done only by a medical practitioner. Thus, you must check the certification of the surgeon when you visit the surgeon or browse his website.


Authentic surgeons spend a considerable time in treating the patients after getting a proper certification. On the other hand, people always look for experienced doctors or surgeons whenever they need to undergo a surgical process. Therefore, the second trait is the experience you need to check when you are in the clinic of the doctor.


As mentioned above, hair transplant surgery is a complex procedure having multiple aspects. Thus, not all the surgeons or doctor are able to perform the surgery. The surgeon a certain level of expertise in the subject and then they are ready to treat the patients.

You may check if your surgeon is an expert in hair transplant or not.


Authentic surgeons are not hesitant when they are asked to show some before-after photos or said to give some phones numbers of former patients. They have a solid medical history with several successfully handled cases. It is better you look for such confident surgeons.

So, you are now aware of the traits an authentic surgeon has and you can start your journey to find a suitable surgeon.

First of all, you can look for some local clinics with the help of search engines and search in the local online directories. Once you have found some names of the clinics, visit the website to get more information.

If you feel impressed with one or two clinics, visit the clinics personally to talk to the surgeons. Moreover, you can talk to the former patients of the clinic to be more satisfied and confident about the level of treatment.

When you are looking for hair loss clinics, always check the quality and keep the affordability of the treatment in the second place.

Always remember that high-class clinics demand money but they provide top-class treatments.

Finally, after reading this information, we are sure you would be able to search for a qualified and trained Hair Specialist to get your hair back on your head. Once you have found, follow his instructions and hope for good results after the treatment.


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