Contact Lenses: Why Are They Benefitting And How To Make The Best Choice?


Accurate vision is important for people. Usually, most people use corrective glasses for seeing clearly. But many people do not find corrective glasses to be too comfortable. For many, it is a hassle that they need to bear on their noses and carry with them everywhere. And, not to forget that losing one’s glasses are pretty easy as well. And hence, most people are now switching towards contact lenses.

Why choose contact lenses?

 There are many reasons why people like to opt for lenses over their glasses. The overall aesthetics, but lenses also increase the wearer’s comfort level, and they feel more natural.

Some of the advantages of using lenses are:-

Aesthetics :

Wearing lenses means no glasses and is one less cumbersome accessory. Some people their faces without glasses and lenses come in handy.

No fear of losing :

Another advantage of using contact lenses is that you don’t have to worry about losing them or leaving them.

Better viewing :

Lenses can be engineered and customized for every person separately. It can increase one’s viewing experience.

Visual access :

Contact lenses allow both peripheral and central viewing, unlike corrective glasses. This makes viewing more accessible and comfortable.

Normalcy :

Wearing glasses for days can feel restrictive and can take away the feeling of normalcy. Lenses sit comfortably on the cornea and weigh nothing. Thus, making it feel like one is wearing no eye accessory.

Types of contact lenses:-

 When it comes to contact lenses, the number of varieties depends on various factors like the number of uses, shape, and material. Let’s see how they are categorized:

Number of uses :

Some contact lenses are disposed of in one day and some in 6 months.

  • Reusable lenses: They are disposed of in 6 months.
  • Frequent replaceable lenses: They are disposed of quarterly.
  • Daily lenses: They are disposed of daily after one use.
  • Disposable lenses: They are disposed of in 2 weeks.

Material :

There are a variety of materials that are used and, one can pick based on their need:

  • Gas permeable: Used for refractive errors and are rigid which, retains its shape.
  • Soft lenses: They are made of hydrogels and take the eyes to shape to increase comfort.
  • Silicone hydrogel lenses: These are the most common and is a more advanced version of soft lenses.

The lenses also come in varying shapes, depending on the vision problem and corrective objective. There are toric, spherical, and multifocal contact lenses that correct farsightedness, nearsightedness, and presbyopia. Also, there are colour lenses for those who want their eye colour for cosmetic reasons.

Things to remember:-

Contact lenses can be complicated for those who are new to the idea. Also, it can take some time to get habituated to them. While buying lenses, one should keep in mind several things, like:

Get consultation :

Never buy lenses without getting the right consultation from the doctor. Get the prescription and then only go to buy any lenses.

The right choice :

One should be careful that everyone can use not all types of contact lenses. One should be careful, which will suit best before buying, and hence you must take consultation with an eye specialist before opting for one.

Red-eye :

In case after wearing the lenses, the eyes are getting red, one should see a doctor avoid irritability.

Dispose of :

Sometimes, it is easy to forget about disposing of the lenses on time. But one should never wear expired lenses as it can be harmful.

Follow the rules :

Every lens has there a set of rules for wearing and storing. One should pay special attention to these rules to get proper vision and avoid any harm to the eye.

Concluding thoughts:-

Choosing the right contact lenses can make a lot of difference. It can make one feel light without those cumbersome glasses and can also enhance the overall eyesight. But one should always take expert advice from their doctor before buying lenses.

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