5 Ways To Avoid Breast Cancer Naturally


Are you worried about developing breast cancer? Searching for ways to prevent this disease? Unfortunately, there aren’t sure ways to avoid breast cancer. However, following specific tips and methods would surely lower the risks.

Breast cancer- these two words are enough to arouse the attention of women. In recent times, 1 out of every 10 women is known to suffer from it. Breast cancer is a complex disease which occurs when the cells in the breast region replicate and grow at an abnormal rate. Several factors contribute and influence the chances of its occurrence such as genetics, family history, and gender and food habits.

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Though breast cancer is a deadly disease which results in severe consequences, the good news is that women can undergo treatments and get better with every passing day. With further researches being conducted, surgeons are finding our better treatment methods and ways to cure this disease. Below enlisted are 5 ways to avoid breast cancer organically:

1. Keeping your body weight under control :

Women are extremely lethargic when it comes to maintaining their bodies. Keeping body weight under control from an early age is important so that one doesn’t have to suffer the consequences of being overweight later in life. Being overweight increases the chances of developing breast cancer, especially if a woman is menopausal.

2. Exercising daily :

Surveys have proved that physically fit and active women experience lesser chances of suffering from breast cancer than physically unfit women. All one needs to do is 30 mis of healthy exercise. Your regular activity can be anything- walking, swimming, cycling, playing tennis, badminton, etc.

Doing exercises would also help you keep your weight under check. If you have a small breast size, you would be amazed to know that exercises help you to enlarge their size!

3. Consuming more vegetables and avoiding alcohol consumption :

One of the various ways to prevent breast cancer naturally is by following a balanced diet. Eat more of fruits and leafy vegetables. At the same time, restrict drinking alcohol. Fruits and vegetables contain a plant pigment known as flavonoids, which is said to be anticancer properties. For instance, one can consume celery, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, peppers, coffee, black tea, and chamomile tea. Amazingly, these foods also help to grow breasts naturally!

4. Avoiding cigarettes :

It’s futile to hide the unhealthiness of smoking. Besides reducing your quality or standard of life, regular smoking increases the risk of developing cardiac diseases like strokes and cardiac attacks and increases the chances of breast cancer multiple times. Smoking also causes bad teeth, smelly breath, and wrinkles. If you are a smoker, looking for ways to avoid breast cancer naturally, you must stop smoking.

5. Avoiding contraceptive pills :

If you are a woman aged 35 and above or you smoke, you must be cautious about taking pills. Younger women are at a much lower risk of developing breast cancer. However, the risk increases with increase in age. Not only can such pills cause breast cancer but also can result in heart attacks and strokes. Besides they have severely affected the reproductive system of a woman.

Women who take contraceptive pills regularly find it difficult to attain motherhood. Long term consumption of birth control pills from an early age can also cause colon cancer, ovarian cancer and uterine cancer. If you are following ways to avoid breast cancer organically, stopping pills would lessen the risk to a great extent.

We have mentioned 5 ways to avoid breast cancer organically. A patient suffering from this disease might find it difficult to choose the right treatment. The patient must consult her physician before anything else. Know the risks and benefits associated with every treatment before making a decision.

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