How To Maintain Lawn Mower-Lawn Mower Tips


What is the purpose of a lawn-mower?

Lawn Mower is a farm machine, used for cutting garden grass. It is manufactured with revolving blades to cut a grass surface to make the garden beautiful. Grass cutting height is fixed by the operator, through the lever, single master lever, nut, and bolt fitted on wheels. This machine runs through manual force and powered by a battery or electric motor. The wheels of the machine are mechanically connected with blades. The mower pushed forward, the blades spin and cut the grass.

Different Types of Lawn Mower in India :

There are different types of mowers available. Have a look.

Ride-On Mower :

A Ride-on mower is called a lawn tractor that comes with a seat. This type of mower is used to cut large lawns. Ride-on mowers make lawn work efficient and easy, save time, effectively cutting the grass, and make the lawn beautiful.

Categories of Ride-On Mower :

  • Lawn tractor
  • Zero-turn mower
  • Rear engine riding mower

Walk Mower :

It required manual force in the operation, the user walks along behind the machine. This type of mower is used in small lands, gardens, or yards. These mowers offer excellent variety and versatility for effective working.

Categories of Walk Mower :

  • Cylinder-mower
  • Rotary mower
  • Push mower
  • Self-propelled mower

Power Mower :

These mowers come according to the size of the land. The mower required batteries, gas, electric, or manual force for working.

Categories of Power Mower :

  • Manual powered mower
  • Electric powered mower
  • Gas-powered mower
  • Battery-powered mower

Drive Type Mower

These mowers are made according to the wheel. These mowers drive forwards by the motion of the back wheels.

Categories of Driver Type Mower :

  • Front-wheel type
  • All-wheel type

Lawn Mower Maintenance Checklist :

In India, various types of machines are available like tractors, lawn-mower, Harvester, and many more for farming. And these machines require maintenance with safety. In this blog, we are showing some important tips which help you in mower maintenance.

Check The Manual :

Before servicing the lawn-mower you have to check the user manual which comes with the machine. The manual provides instructions for the mower’s servicing that help you in maintenance. The instruction ensures that your mower runs long.

Drain The Gasoline Out :

Use the mower engine until the remaining gas drains out and in the spring start with new gasoline.

Disconnect The Spark Plug :

To keep the mower in good condition, you should disconnect or replace the spark plug from time to time. If possible you should get out the spark plug at the starting of mower maintenance due to safety purposes.

Check Mower’s oil

To keep the mower good, check the oil regularly and replace it. You have to check the level and condition of the mower’s oil every 8 hours of use. With the times the fresh oil is going to darken which reduces the efficiency of the implementation. So, try to change the oil after every 50 hours at least. And the most important is to use the oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Clean The Lawn Mower :

Before starting the garden operation, you should check the lawn-mower’s condition. A dirty and dusty mower can ruin your work and may reduce work efficiency. For this operation, use an air compressor with a blowgun to clean it off or you can use a shop vacuum to remove dirt. You have to be careful of the vacuum pressure.

Clean Air Filter :

For the betterment of the mower and your garden, check the air filters and if needed then replace it.

Replace Blades :

Blades are the most important component in mowers so timely replacement is required for blades.

These are all about the lawn-mowers. If you want the latest updates related to the Eicher tractor, stay tuned with us.

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