Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Boom Truck

Consider Before Choosing a Boom Truck

Whether you need to perform some pipe-laying work or a fire and rescue operation, boom trucks are designed to make your life easier. More extended booms and the ability to lift heavier loads make them an essential part of your logistics. They are also crucial for construction work.

All of these are reasons behind the rising demand for these heavy-lifting vehicles. However, you may not need the same type of truck or boom for different jobs. They are available in different sizes too.  Therefore, you need to consider a few factors when searching for boom trucks for sale.

Different Types of Boom Trucks:

Boom truck cranes are primarily of two types. When looking for boom trucks for sale, you need to know which type will suit your project.

Fixed Cab:

Boom trucks with a fixed cabin come with a single cab where the driver sits. The cabin is equipped with all the controls for operating the boom and looks much like the standard truck. The only difference is the boom behind it. These are more compact and easier to maneuver.

Swing Cab:

Boom trucks with a swing cabin offer more adaptability. The operator cabin moves with the boom and provides better visibility. You can get a telescopic boom attached to the swing cab that will further increase its functionality. These types of trucks are most suited for larger construction works.

Apart from the above two, there are some other variations.

Boom Truck Cranes:

They are also known as boom cranes and are equipped with a telescopic arm. These function much like the standard cranes when it comes to lifting heavy objects. The telescopic arm has two components:

  • The main boom
  • The jib that allows for heavy lifting

Bucket Trucks:

Instead of lifting objects, bucket trucks are mostly suited for lifting people. They are equipped with a platform where you can stand and work. You can also keep your tools on the platform for easy access. Bucket trucks with railings or walls offer better safety for your workers.

Different Types of Boom Lifts:

When searching for boom trucks for sale, you also need to pay attention to the booms. In general, there are four types of boom lifts for your boom truck.


The self-driving boom is the largest of the boom lifts and the most standard ones. However, they need an operator to function.


Towable boom lifts are lightweight and can operate without a drive engine. If you are on a budget, these are a good choice.


If you need to reach really high, then you should go for the telescoping boom lifts. They can be extended up to 200 ft.


This one comes with unfolding layers that make operating the basket easier. This boom lift offers the highest maneuverability.

Few Factors to Consider for Choosing Boom Lifts:

When you are choosing a truck with a boom lift, you need to figure out the purpose. So, it’s better to consider the following factor when choosing the right boom.

  • Terrain
  • Loading requirements
  • Height
  • Cost


Boom trucks have many advantages in the construction business, utility services, and logistics. However, apart from the few factors mentioned above, you may also want to consider if you wish to buy or rent when looking for boom trucks for sale.

Many businesses do not have the infrastructure or budget to afford customized boom trucks for different projects. In that case, you can rent one instead according to the project size, location, and contract length.

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