Handy Tips To Look After Your Bike

Tips To Look After

No one is a know-it-all when it comes to bike maintenance. Neither can you master every nuance and aspect in a day or two. However, practice, commitment, energy and time are investments you must be willing to make if you wish to save your wallet from a big blow! Besides, with simple, timely maintenance hacks, you can truly enjoy the perks of cycling for a prolonged period. Be it bike tools or the bike itself, enough attention and checks must be ensured for their smooth functioning. While professional servicing is equally necessary, the role of routine care cannot be overlooked. Therefore a mix of professional and personal maintenance is a win-win for your bike.

Here are some handy tips that can help you in doing the same:

Check For Loose Screws: Although often under looked, checking for loose, rusted, missing or worn out screws, bolts, and nuts frequently is a huge part of maintaining your bike. This can considerably help to reduce your professional servicing or repair costs. To add to that, if you misplace or lose the screw that swiftly holds parts together in a place, you will end up experiencing friction and would have to listen to the unpleasant rattling or screeching sound! Even something as seemingly petty as this could affect your cycling experience. It’s worth noting that some modern bikes’ parts have a torque limit inscribed on them, indicating that you can only buy tools that match a certain amount of torque. As a tip, it would be best if you could request spare nuts and bolts from your bike store when you purchase a new bike. You should be able to acquire them for free or even purchase them since they are really inexpensive.

Lubricate Suitably: Nothing beats the frustration you feel when you hear a loud rattling or squeaking sound coming from the chain or handlebar as you ride. This can only be possible when there is little lubrication between your bike parts to keep functioning smoothly because lubricants wear out after a point no matter what you do. Therefore if you wish to extend the life of your bike, timely lubrication is an excellent method to do it.

Maintain Tire Pressure: Tire pressure is the most significant factor in determining the quality of your bike ride. When the pressure is not sufficient or too low, you have to pedal much more to maintain the same pace as when the pressure is just right. You’ll also be more likely to develop flat tires soon if the pressure in them is not accurate. A decent pump with a pressure gauge is one of the essential pieces of equipment you should have.

Cleanliness Is Key: And finally, cleanliness not just of your bike but bike tools. Grease, dirt, dust, slime can significantly affect the overall performance and durability of your bike. Therefore routine wash either by a professional cleaner or by yourself is mandatory to a seamless riding experience. The inability to do so will lead to wearing out or breaking down your bike parts, and you want to avoid that at all costs!

That’s all there is to it. Master these vital maintenance tips and put them to use suitably. Doing this will ensure a good life-run of your bike, and your rides will become more fun and safer.

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