A Brief Buying Guide For Invisible Braces/Retainers

Choosing Clear Retainers

Wanting straighter and whiter teeth has been a dream for most Australians. There is nothing wrong with having a beautiful smile that can enhance your social lifestyle. However, metal braces are invasive and can do more harm than good.

Ideally, it can get your teeth straighter, but at the cost of a year-long trauma of brushing, eating, and smiling. That is why the market created something remarkable – Clear retainers!

These retainers remain invisible and do not hurt your gums. And, on top of that, you may not need a dentist appointment or those irritating x-rays.

So, once you have decided to buy invisible braces, this guide will help you choose the perfect one.

Why Should You Get Invisible Aligners?

Around 55% of Australians are self-conscious about teeth alignment. Hence, you are not alone in this journey towards having a better and brighter smile.

It might seem easy, but choosing an aligner can be intimidating. Indeed, this choice of getting the right size retainers will be consequential in the long run. It can seem overwhelming given the timeframe of retainer workability, and the result is worth the wait.

You will get a dazzling smile and say goodbye to crooked teeth. Unlike clunky metal braces, these are softer on your gums and comfortable.

Using clear aligners involves non-invasive scanning and the ability to eat or drink anything. Moreover, it can seamlessly fix your dental problems without having to visit the orthodontist ever so often.

Even then, if you can choose the right brand, you are already halfway there!

The Factors to Consider Before Choosing Clear Retainers:

While looking through different aligner brands, you should consider price, reputation, fitting procedure, and treatment processes. However, there will always be that awkward phase during the adjusting time frames.

So, you should sit back, relax and let the retainers do their job. But, first, ask these questions before buying it.

  • Is it worth the price? Or, are there better deals in the Australian market?
  • Is the fitting procedure effective?
  • How long is the fitting process?
  • Is the company reputable?

Once you have understood and analysed these questions, you can look through different options based on factors like:

  • Price: They usually cost more than AU$ 6000, but less than AU$ 9000. However, there are options where you can get the same at AU$ 1,800. It would be best not to go cheap when it comes to clear retainers.
  • Fitting Procedure: You need to ensure that the company takes at least 30 minutes to take your mouth impression. Moreover, you can look for brands that offer 3D scans or virtual scans of your teeth.
  • Treatment Process: Usually, the treatment can take up to several months to two years. The timeline depends on specific teeth alignment issues and the type of treatment plan you have.
  • Reputation: A brand’s reputation will say a lot about its effectiveness. So, you can look through customer testimonials and previous reviews to understand the company/brand.

The Bottom Line:

Clear retainers in Australia have become a trend, and everyone is using them. From teenagers to adults, they work in every age group. Moreover, while choosing a brand for your invisible aligners, you should always look into the reputation and treatment process.

Considering the price, fitting procedure, and asking the right question will land you the perfect product. This way, you can get the perfect smile without having to wear ugly braces.

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