7 Must-Have Tools for Your Car

tools to keep in car

Driving around in your car is one of the best experiences. However, breakdowns occur, and they can become troublesome, especially when you are miles away from home or in a place you cannot call for assistance. All the tools you have in your home garage will not help you fix the car if you get stranded on the road, so it’s crucial you be well-prepared by having an emergency tool kit in your car. Here are the seven must-have tools for your car.

1. Jumper Cables:

You cannot tell when you will need to boost your battery to get your car moving or help a driver in need. While it can be daunting to flag down for assistance, it’s incredibly frustrating when someone comes to your rescue, and neither of you got jumper cables. Pick jumper cables with 6- gauge or 4-gauge wires, 10 feet long, and keep them safe in a storage bag. Alternatively, have a power bank and jump starter, which will help you jump-start your car without the assistance of another car or charge your electronic devices.

2. Screw Extractor:

At some point, you’ll encounter bolts that have totally snapped off or ones with rounded off hex. CTA tools like screw extractors have a reversed thread that incises the broken bolt after boring a hole into it. Have the longer kind of screw extractor because the shorter ones become ineffective in some cases.

3. Tire Inflator/Sealer:

Irrespective of whether your car has a donut or spare, keeping it inflated helps you ensure it will become of help when you need it. But what should you do if it becomes unusable? That’s where a tire inflator/sealer comes in. Although each brand comes with its specific instructions, the basics are the same- connect it to the tire’s valve stem and allow the stuff inside to find the leak, and fill it with adequate pressure to enable you to arrive at the nearest garage.

4. Duct Tape and A Knife:

Along with a cutting knife, duct tape plays a critical role in helping you fix temporary repairs, such as a broken fan belt, a leaking hose, or a hanging or cracked body panel, so you can reach the nearest workshop and have it fixed. Also, you can wrap it around your fingers when working on hot surfaces if you don’t have your gloves. Thus, ensure you keep a roll in your car all the time.

5. Flashlights:

When the thought of car issues crosses your mind, you probably think they will occur during the day. However, they can happen anytime, even when you’re on your night drive. Although your smartphone’s flashlight can do wonders, you don’t have to drain the energy when a flashlight can do better. Modern flashlights feature LED lights for a brighter, wider beam. Find a flashlight with a magnet on the side for easier use. Also, a twist-focus flashlight is perfect for concentrating light in small sections, such as the engine bay sections. Ensure you charge the batteries frequently and have a set of spares in your car.

6. Screwdriver Set and Socket:

If a bolt or screw becomes loose, vibrates, or threatens to fall apart, duct tape might not fix this problem. Instead, turn to your screwdriver set and socket to tighten up the loose connection or fasten a clamp. Ensure you have a number of sockets and screwdriver tips on your fingertips so you can fix any component that loosens promptly and effectively.

7. Tire Pressure Gauge:

A tire pressure gauge is a helpful, affordable safety tool you should always have in your car. You cannot look at your car’s tires and determine precisely how much pressure it has lost or how much you should add. However, you can easily measure the pressure using a tire pressure gauge. Even though a particular tire may not look low, it’s important you check all tires regularly. Making sure your tires have the right amount of pressure will enhance handling, extend their lifespan, and improve your car’s fuel efficiency.

With these seven must-have essential car tools, you will become more confident while enjoying your drive. These invaluable tools will help you take a more practical approach to most emergency situations. Thus, besides driving your car carefully, never forget to carry these critical tools in your vehicle every day.


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