3 ways you can stay safe while going out in college

stay safe while going out in college

There are many ways that you can stay safe on campus, and a lot of it has to do with getting the proper knowledge. You’re there to learn about whatever major or subject you’ve chosen, but learning about campus safety is a prerequisite and necessity for all students to remain safe.

Here, you’ll discover some of the most essential tips on maintaining your well-being on campus because even the most secure campuses have threats and dangers to consider.

Be Cautious At Night:

The problem with college is that you tend to be out at night, which is when most crime happens because they have the cover of darkness. This is also when more crashes happen when taking ride services like Uber or Lyft because the drivers may not be able to see as clearly and might be more careless. If you get into an accident after taking an Uber back to your dorm, then you might be owed some compensation.

Consider hiring an experienced Syracuse rideshare accident lawyer to help you gain a thorough understanding of your options. Without it, you would be left in the dark, and you wouldn’t be able to fight your case alone. They will help you work out the complexities of the situation and give you a solid case. If you’re injured in a lift service, the first thing you should do is to call 911 and get the ambulance and police there immediately.

Collect as much evidence as possible such as driver’s license numbers, driver information, and even photos that will help you fight in court. Your insurance carrier should be notified, and then you should immediately contact an attorney to handle the situation and keep you encouraged throughout the process.

Always Lock Your Dorm:

This is a common problem that campuses have because when you’re out on your own for the first time, then that’s when you have to start developing new security habits.

A good exercise is to make yourself responsible for your parent’s home and practice locking all their doors before you move. That way it’s more solidified in your mind to keep your residence locked so that people don’t take your things.

Most campuses have security that monitors the halls, but sometimes criminals can slip through the cracks and gain access to a dorm that is just left open. Even if your campus has hefty security, you should still lock your dorm and even implement more advanced safety measures such as a notifying alarm system to your phone.

Other methods to consider for overall safety on campus can be found here in greater detail for future reference. You should always make sure your windows are secure and locked so that no one can sneak in.

Many of the break-ins on campus are other students looking to get some items to steal to buy alcohol. When you have an alarm system that alerts you of movement in your dorm, then you can immediately take action and call campus security if you’re out.

Learn How to Defend Yourself Properly:

It’s vital that you get informed on self-defense methods. Also, there are some tools you can carry if you don’t feel safe at night or even during the day. These might include a small pocket knife, mace, or a small taser to disarm potential robbers.

You should always be prepared for the worst and always travel with someone else because this will deter people from being confident in getting your wallet. There is more power in numbers, and it’s proven in nature, so never travel at night alone.

That is exactly what the criminals are looking for to capitalize on. Stay on the main campus roads and don’t veer off into unknown territory where campus security might not respond as quickly.

Bottom Line: Consider These Tips to Stay Safer!

All of these tips will benefit you greatly in the long run and will keep you safe throughout your college experience. It’s no secret that crime happens to students every month.

Many horror stories could have been prevented if the right measures were taken, but the reality is that some of them are simply unavoidable.

Crimes don’t necessarily have to happen outside all the time, so always be alert indoors because transient drifters can stop by college parties with bad intentions.


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