How to Choose the Best Student Accommodation in Australia

How to Choose Student Accommodation

Prestigious institutes, vibrant student lifestyle, incredible natural surroundings, and excellent growth opportunities make Australia one of the prominent destinations for students worldwide. According to recent data, there were about 697,341 international student enrolments as of October 2021.

If you plan to study in Australia, here are some ways to identify the best accommodation for students. So, click here to know more about accommodations, facilities, transport, and student offers.


When exploring accommodation options, consider the ones nearest to your university. For example, premium student living properties are available within 1 km of RMIT University.

Also, consider the transportation factor. For example, can you walk, cycle or take public transportation? A travel time under 30 minutes would be ideal.


Security is a non-negotiable feature that should come with every accommodation type. Look for living spaces with CCTV cameras, 24/7 onsite staff, and electronic cards for room access.

Accommodation Type:

Some of the typical student accommodation types that you will find in Australia are large apartments and studio rooms. You could share the apartment with other students, make the most of a student community, or stay in your private studio room. So, the type of space you choose comes down to your personal preference.

High-Speed Wi-Fi:

As a student, high-speed Wi-Fi is necessary for all learning and assignment purposes. Today, student accommodations provide the occupants with free unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the property.

Thanks to this facility, you do not have to be in your college or university campus, or in a library to study or to do research for your projects.

Social Spaces:

Therefore, social spaces are essential as they contribute to your overall development. Common areas, such as the lounge space with television and games, cinema, and exercise rooms, allow students to interact with their fellows.

You can enjoy watching a game of football, relax with a game at the pool table or exercise with gym buddies to stay on track with your fitness goals.

Laundry Area:

Washing clothes is a chore that understandably finds its way to the end of your to-do lists because of your busy schedules. Thus, it’s important to ensure that washing machines and dryers are available onsite when looking for accommodation.

Outdoor Spaces:

Areas like a big courtyard, outdoor seating, and lounges can help you get some much-needed fresh air and serve as an alternative space for studying or group discussions. The outdoor areas can also double up as a good location for community events like a BBQ.


Depending on the University you will be going to, you can check out several kinds of discounts and offers available for students. When exploring the nearest student living areas, inquire about exclusive student discounts and save on your accommodation expenses.

If you are going to be a part of Australia’s vibrant student community, consider factors, such as location, facilities, room type, and offers, among other things, when looking for accommodations.

Another crucial factor, not mentioned here, is your budget. Oftentimes, however, it will determine the kind of accommodation you get. For instance, if you want a place that’s located in a prime location, has all amenities, security, and offers private bedrooms for each student, you will likely end up paying more for it. So, it’s vital that you make sure you fix a budget and stick to it.

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