What Are the Most Common Boat Repairs?

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Thinking about buying a boat? Well, you’re not alone! With sales of personal watercraft up a whopping 10% last year, more people than ever before are taking the plunge and hitting the water in their brand new vessel.

As amazing as it is to own your own boat, though, it’s important to know about the potential problems that could arise too. So, with that in mind, today we’re going through a selection of the most common boat repairs you’re likely to encounter.

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Flat Batteries:

One of the most common problems faced by boat owners is their boat’s battery going flat- especially after the vessel’s been in storage throughout the off-season. Unless it’s kept on what’s called a “trickle-charger” to top it up, there’s a high likelihood the battery will no longer hold a charge when you next go to use it.

Want our advice? Always remove the battery and get it tested before the season restarts. This should reveal whether or not it’s safe to use and, in the process, prevent any hiccups from occurring on the water.

Broken Belts:

Snapped belts are another common boat-owning bugbear. You’re revving the engine, enjoying the breeze in your hair, and then “crack”, the belt breaks and everything stops!

Alas, aside from regular maintenance and checking the belt’s condition before each boat trip, there isn’t much to be done here. With a limited lifespan, it’s always a matter of time before the belt breaks! Carrying a spare belt on-board is the best way to prevent anything overly calamitous from happening while you’re out.

Overheated Engines:

Like any motorized vehicle, pushing the engine to its limits for extended periods of time (especially on a hot day) risks overheating it. So, what do you do if you see the temperature needle edging up on the dash?

Slow down, back off, and give the engine time to cool down. Likewise, check that the water intake isn’t blocked and the hose is functioning as it should. Don’t, and you could face more significant boat issues down the line.

Bumps and Scrapes:

All boats experience their share of bumps, scrapes, nicks, and collisions over time. Unfortunately, though, these sorts of mishaps can lead to both aesthetic and functional problems arising thereafter, such as water osmosis and delamination.

The good news is that applying some marine-grade epoxy resin to the affected area can usually save the day. Before you go slathering it on, though, be sure to do some research to find additional information on how to use it properly!

Don’t Forget About These Common Boat Repairs

More people are buying boats and taking to the water than ever before. Alas, only a fraction of them is prepared to handle the common boat repairs they’ll probably encounter along the way! With any luck, the information in this post has shed light on some of the most common problems you could face in the future.

These insights on boat problems and repairs are a good place to begin your education on this topic. Be sure to browse similar posts on the blog if you wish to take it one step further, though!


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