Getting a long hair is not an easy task especially when your hair is more prone to breakage and does not grow faster. If you look upon to some Disney princess’s long and beautiful mane such as Rapunzel and Cinderella have then you need to pay a bit lot of attention towards your hair growth. Long hair not only appears beautiful but add significant confidence in ladies to carry her personality with poise and dignity.

You can look forward to these things which will help you to achieve that princess braids and long hair, just follow them vigorously.

Trim your hair regularly:

Giving your hair regular cut or trim may enable it to grow faster than usual as it is said that scissors play an important part in growing your hair. When split ends appear in your strands, they tend to stop them growing further which can be counteracted only with proper and constant trims. So, it is safe and good to get your hair trim from time to time to avoid dead ends and hurdle in your hair growth.

Avoid actions that cause hair breakage:

Hair breakage often causes due to some very stupid mistakes you did in your day to day life in the name of hard brushing, using hot water, giving a high-chemical treatment or walking out in the sun with open hair. All these actions seem very common and necessary in your daily routine but these are the things that cause damage and leads to hair breakage.

It is better to avoid such circumstances if you wish to have long and healthy hair. Wet hair due to its nature easily breaks and thus it should not be brushed but let it dry naturally. If you comb your recent washed hair which is still wet then get ready to see your bunch of strands in the comb.

Get a suitable product:

Products also play a vital role in the upbringing of your hair whether you wish to have it long or natural. Getting a good product does not mean to spend more money on these products but choosing the right product which enhances the growth of your mane by providing necessary nutrient and health. For that, you can try black & white hair products to make your hair grow faster and healthier.

Besides making your hair grow faster, it is also important how you manage it even if it grows healthier and longer. Many people do not grow their hair just because of the fear of maintaining them. So, if you wish to have long mane then keep the below-mentioned tips in your mind to take care of your long strands.

Style them wisely:

To maintain long hair for a long time it is important to style them accordingly so it won’t catch damage and make to cur the high portion of your mane. Earther leaves it open or style it in a simple braid which does not require tying it in a tight updo that makes hair prone to breakage. Else you can use Black & White Original Hair Dressing Pomade to style your long hair safely. Also, avoid heat styling appliances which cause damage to your hair with its excessive heat.

Give conditioning treatment:

Deep conditioning or normal conditioning treatment can work as a therapy if you wish to maintain your long strands. Conditioner not only makes your hair smooth and shinier but also if its used properly can help to make hair more manageable and controllable. Thus, conditioning with a correct conditioner is must for long hair and it is better to use the same line shampoo and conditioner which is made for long hair especially.

Oil massage is a must:

To maintain the condition of your hair whether it is long or short, regular oil massage is necessary. Oils like sweet almond, olive, castor, coconut and jojoba play a significant role in the development of your hair from dry and coarse to shiny and smooth. Oil massage also makes hair more manageable and is a simple method to make your long hair maintained without any expensive routine.

Limit the exposure of hair to the sun:

Regular exposure of your hair to the sun an make it damage as its harsh UV rays capable of harming your hair to a great extent. Thus, you should always cover your hair while walking out under the sun with some hat or scarf as it will not only save your hair from the sun but aloes from pollutions. Further, you can give your hair a suitable product like lotions or protecting spray that can prevent such circumstances to harm your hair.

In general, growing and maintaining long hair may be a difficult task but not an impossible thing that can never be achieved. All you need to do is to follow the process and tips vigorously or find a good product at Cosmetize and enjoy long and healthy mane.

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