Tips and Tricks to Become A Pro Locksmith

Become A Pro Locksmith

Locksmiths are magicians who can unlock any lock without using a key. If you also want to become one, then here are some tricks that will help you start your career as a locksmith.

How to Open A Car Door Like A Locksmith?

These days most cars have the power locks, however many still have those pull-out locks. Here are few tricks to help open those old pull out locks without a key like a pro.

Use a Shoe String

First method is to use a shoe string. In this method, first you will need a meter long string. Then it should be a bit strong so that it does not break with slight force as you need to pull the car lock up with this string. Now tie a loop into middle of this string. This loop should be adjustable as we are going to tighten it once we have reached the lock. Now slide the sting into the door to reach the pull lock. Once you are above the pull lock, just tighten the string and pull it up. And voila you have an unlocked car door.

Use A Wire Hanger

Second method is to use a wire hanger to open the locked car door like a pro locksmith. For this you will need a wire hanger. Open the wire hanger into a straight line and then make a hoop at the end. Now, put it into the car door through the window piping and jiggle it a bit until you find the lock mechanism. Once you have found it, just pull the hanger up and voila you have an unlocked car.

Use A Metal Rod

Third method works for power locks. For this you will require a sturdy metal rod and a screw driver. Take the screw driver and place it on the top of your car door frame to act like a wedge. Now put the metal rod through the opening that you have made through the car door with screw drive to push the unlock button in your car door. Once you can push the car door button, you have an unlocked car.

Become A Pro Locksmith

Use A Slim Jim

Locksmiths also use slim Jim as a tool to unlock car doors. They have a special kind of delicate slim Jim to use on the cars. What you need to do is slide the slim Jim into the car frame through window piping and then move it around to locate the lock and once you have hooked the locking mechanism just pull it up gently. And again, you have an unlocked car.

Use A Tennis Ball

Yes, you may even use a tennis ball to unlock your car. Take a tennis ball with a pen size hole in it. Now place this tennis ball on the car lock and press it inwards as hard as you can. Once you have applied enough pressure the car lock will open automatically. Nothing can be as simple as this one.

There are various other methods to unlock car doors invented by locksmiths. They have existed ever since the humanity has existed. All locksmiths are not thieves. They can also help you when you forget your keys inside your house or car. Lock manufacturing companies value these locksmiths a lot since their purpose is to discover a locksmith proof locks and they use these locksmiths to judge the loop holes of their locks.

There are various other locking mechanisms that you can work on to polish your skills as a locksmith. Some of them are house locks, suitcases, number locks, combo locks etc. Hope this article was useful to enhance your knowledge about how you can start to become a locksmith.


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