Top trends & Tips for Mobile Security to watch in 2020

tips for mobile security

In the modern era, mobile phones have become more of a necessity rather than just an accessory. It is a thousand times more precious than any other thing as we use our phone for almost everything. Whether to buy movie tickets to banking, to get entertainment to browsing the web, to get the grocery to garments. According to the latest research of Pew center, around 81% of Americans have a smartphone, and average user checks theirs more than 50 times a day.

No wonders that the technology we use can make us a target for viruses and cyber-attacks, in case if we have not secured it properly. Your phone has all your personal photos, relevant emails, contacts, passwords, data, and all types of secrets so, it’s essential to keep your phone safe from the hackers.

Top Trends in Mobile Security:

What are the latest security trends related to mobile technologies expected in 2020? Let’s discuss it:-

Integrated Approach for mobile security threats:

The threat of viruses and malware is increasing and going forward with our growing dependence on the Internet and technology. Today the topmost concern of CIOs and enterprises all across are the safe and secure use of mobile technology. There is a great need to look at the entire lifecycle of mobile security architecture. Encrypt technology is the crucial element of security, which is crucial to safe the integrity and confidentiality of a digital transaction between two endpoints. We should provide an integrated approach to mobile security, in which data is encrypted while in transit or at rest, is the best protection against mobile threats.

Protecting sensitive public data:

The digitalization of industries has increased the amount of technical, financial, and personal data stored in cloud services.  It is expected that important data information will leak more in 2020. This means that the issue of sensitive data protection is a substantial concern in mobile security.

Among the ways to protect databases, Encryption is the most effective way to protect the data from unauthorized access.  But the technology of encryption information is not strong enough because data theft is a cash cow of cyber-criminals. Therefore they always come up with new ideas and ways to break into cloud systems.

Other than Database hacks, the other main objectives of mobile security attacks are illegal receipt of funds, various extortions, data theft for resale, hidden mining, and industrial espionage.

The increasing number of databases in the infrastructure of companies is continually growing, and all these databases require protection, often complicated and costly. Blending multiple databases on a single server is the best solution to protect the sensitive public database. This strategy enables you to simplify the management approach and using equipment resources in the best possible manner.

Providing 100% phishing protection:

Phishing attacks are one of the most common security challenges that companies are facing. Phishing attacker uses various techniques in order to gain access to confidential user data: logins and passwords, credit card numbers, email, etc.

The study suggests that the no. of phishing attacks is increasing day by day.  And in 2020, IT companies need to come with a new solution to stop this growth rate.

Tips & Tricks to secure your mobile:

Here, we have some amazing tips and tricks that you must follow to secure your mobile database in 2020:

Update your software:

Whether you have an IOS, Android, or windows phone, make sure you update your phone with the latest available version. These updates help to protect your device and essential information. If you don’t update your phone, then it can slow down the functionality of your app.

Always lock your phone when not in use:

Make sure when you are not using your phone then, keep it in lock mode. You must set a touch ID or facial recognition on your phone and a strong PIN or lock pattern so that no one can use your phone without your permission. Also, a strong password helps your phone harder to hack.

Avoid public charging station:

As technology has become super-fast, so, the hackers are even everywhere. It is suggested that not to use public charging stations as hackers can access your phone’s data or install malware on the device.

Install antivirus software on a mobile device:

To provide security against malware or any other viruses, it’s compulsory to install antivirus software on your mobile device. Also, some software such as Panda’s antivirus software has amazing VPN (a virtual private network) features too.

Beware of downloads:

Always make sure that you must be downloading any app from the official app stores or not anywhere else. And also, check the number of reviews, last update, and contact information of the organization as cybercriminals create rogue mobile apps.

Use caller protection apps:

Always use apps like burner and firewall that helps your phone protects against hackers, unwanted callers. Burner app helps to keep your private number hidden by creating a new number that can be used as long as you want while firewalls apps are for IOS users, which allows them to send unwanted calls straight to voicemail.


In this blog, we have read about mobile security threats. To counter mobile threats, we would like to give you some tips.

Take the following smart steps to counter mobile threats: Check the reliability of MSSPs and Cloud service providers, assessment of vulnerability and risks of third-party solutions, revise security policy regarding remote workers, and invest in digital security tools. As you can see, we have in-depth knowledge of mobile security and knows how to build an app, providing a high standard level of security. As a top mobile app development company, we are all well-versed in questions of mobile security, and we are ready to use our knowledge when working on your project!


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