Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Truck Tires

Right Commercial Truck Tires

Naveed Ganatra:

Most of the truck drivers look for the highest quality and reasonably priced equipment for their vehicles. But sometimes it gets challenging to find the right truck tires for the commercial trucks. While looking for the best quality truck tires, you’ll stumble upon a huge variety and then it’s your turn to decide which one to choose. Experts have suggested some useful tips to choose the right commercial truck tires for your vehicle. Before checking out these tips, let’s first understand what makes the truck tire;

Tread Warranty:

While buying the tires, you mostly get the coverage against defects. And the best manufacturers even offer a tread wear warranty. Such warranties guarantee that the tread is going to last up to a certain number of miles. For truck tries, the longest warranties are for 6-years or 70k miles. Well, that’s not the case with all truck tires as many tires designed for off-roading don’t offer tread wear warranty at all.

Good Grip:

For sure, off reading requires a better grip, but the high-quality tires offer a tremendous grip in any condition like wet, gravel or even mud. Some of these even offer great traction in the snow. But still, it’s advised that if you often happen to drive in snow, try getting along with the winter tires. The best options in winter tires are light trucks, SUVs and crossovers.

Low Rolling Resistance:

In case the long-term price or gas mileage is the priority, the tires having low rolling resistance is also a good option. It will cut down a bit on traction but boosts your miles/gallon.

Now let’s dive into tips on how to choose the right truck tires;

Consider the Load Capacity:

In case you drive commercial carrying the heavy loads, the tires are inevitably are going to be under major strain. So when choosing the commercial truck tires, it’s imperative for you to consider the load capacity. While visiting the tire dealership, make sure you ask the manufacturer/dealer about the capacity as well as the potential performance of these tires under different stress levels. If you end up choosing the right tires, its help you ensure the safe and smooth drive.

Consider Off-Road Options:

Most of the fleet operators go wrong at this point. Regular tires are designed for the normal road conditions. However, these tires might be able to withstand the off-road conditions to some extent but not entirely meant for this. So be mindful that these tires aren’t built for rough terrain and can cause a safety problem for your car in case you drive on rough terrain over multiple days. Consider buying the Off-road tires having harder rubber compounds as well as stone ejectors to remove debris.

Steer Tires:

Steer tires are mounted in the front axle especially designed to channel water away to keep the rubber in contact with the road. It is of great use in maintaining steering control during wet & wintery conditions. Perhaps that’s the reason why many truck drivers are adding steer tires to their vehicles.So if you want to buy the high-quality truck tyre in Dubai, make sure to keep up with the tips mentioned above.


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