Increasing Trend Of Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Increasing Trend Of Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Having a debate and bet on different subjects is common practice between my colleagues, and an interesting fact about these debates and bets is going for short fun parties of going for having a cup of coffee, watching movie, or having ice cream etc.  In short, it can be said that the main objective of our debate was to enjoy and get out from the office for relaxing and refreshing. This time the topic of our discussion was final of recently concluded FIFA world cup between France and Croatia and all of us were strongly favoring our favorite teams. And, interestingly the final outcome of this discussion was going out to enjoy the taste of fresh liquid nitrogen ice cream, which was to be shared equally between both the winners and losers.

Well, finally the next day of our debate after lunch all of us went to an ice cream parlor closed to our office to enjoy the taste of fresh ice cream made from liquid nitrogen, for which, actually the whole discussion was conducted. Because, recently one of our colleague had enjoyed its taste and appreciated about its mouth watering taste, thus making all of us curious about it. About, liquid ice cream, it is not different time from the regular ice cream, the only difference is that here the owner of ice cream will make the ice cream of your required flavor in front of your eyes.

Now this might surprise you, because generally before eating an ice cream it almost takes a day to freeze, surprisingly, this is the point which makes ice cream of liquid nitrogen different from custom ice cream in Florida. The liquid nitrogen starts boiling at -196.4 degree Celsius temperature, and captures the heat from ice cream container, thus freezing the mixture of different ingredients used for making ice cream quickly. If you are concerned about its taste, then you are at an edge of doing a mistake, because as compared to regular ice cream it is:

1. Smoothier And Creamier:

As nitrogen helps in freezing the mixture instantly, the water elements present in the ice cream do not freeze completely thus making it creamier and smoother.

2. Fresh:

As the ice cream is developed in front of you by mixing the different flavors of your choice, the chances of mixing artificial ingredients is completely eliminated.

3. Health Benefits:

A interesting feature of nitrogen ice cream is that people suffering from different types of health problems can enjoy its taste without any problem.

Despite of the fact that ice cream is your favorite desert you try to avoid enjoying its taste to abundance of calories present in it.  Interestingly, going through your concern BRAIN FREEZE brings you the privilege of enjoying the taste of high protein ice cream in Florida developed by making use of natural ingredients like fresh cream or yogurt. An interesting feature of ice cream offered by this group is that it will be developed in front of you, without leaving any stone unturned about its quality.

In short it can be said that nitrogen ice cream offers you the privilege of enjoying the taste of fresh ice cream developed in front of your eyes.


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