10 meals to improve your erection

10 meals to improve your erection

Giving your partner an erection like a rock is an idea not to pay. Today, there are many natural foods and herbs that you can also kick, strengthen, and improve your erection. Are you ready to meet them?

1. Garlic:

On the one hand, shortness of breath, on the other hand, increases the level of the male hormone. It is a powerful and activating food for male erections. Garlic also promotes blood flow in the range of 10 to 15 percent.

2. Spinach:

Spinach is rich in iron but also in natural nitrates. It then transfers nitrates to the arteries, which then enlarges. It is a food that belongs to the group of natural steroids. It contains ecdysterone, a substance that boosts the male hormone production, which helps erections.

3. Walnuts:

Nuts generally have a beneficial effect on male erection. However, they are dominated by walnuts, which in the raw (unsalted) state work miracles in terms of erection. They are rich in amino acids. They easily produce and transfer nitric oxide in the male body.

4. Citrus:

They contain more vitamin C, which also has a positive effect on a man’s erection. Lemons, oranges, but also grapefruits help the most. It will be enough to eat at least 200 milligrams of vitamin C during the day to strengthen the erection and improve his sperm’s motility.

5. Melon:

Melon also helps to support an erection or the functionality of the male organ. It clears the blood vessels thanks to the substance coralline, which also plays an essential role in erection problems.

6. Salmon or tuna:

Fish meat is generally an excellent option for the heart and blood vessels. Healthy hearts and blood vessels support a healthy love life. Salmon or tuna meat is best. It contains many fatty acids that help produce dopamine in the brain. It is a crucial substance for increasing passion as well as erection.

7. Dark chocolate:

If you want to help your partner and really improve his erection, you can also bet on dark chocolate. The milk variant increases weight, which will not help your partner’s erection. Dark chocolate (70%) is rich in more cocoa and other beneficial substances that support both erection and arousal.

8. Ginkgo Biloba:

Ginkgo biloba is one of the useful herbs for erection. Thanks to her, the partner gains new strength (not only) in bed.

9. Ginger:

For better and spicierlove and his erection, give him a herb of ginger in his diet. It supports the activity of the genitals and improves all other intimate activities.

10. Spices cardamom:

If you want to give him a better passion and erection simultaneously, bet on cardamom for Indian spices. It is added to sweet and savory dishes, but also to tea or coffee. In addition to several beneficial effects, it also has an excellent stimulating impact on the erection and potency of a man. Among other things, it is a strong and effective aphrodisiac.

Herbs on potency

Male potency is a symbol of performance, youth as well as health. During sexual arousal, the male brain sends signs to the nerves and these to the genitals. But what if it doesn’t work for a man? What if your husband also has a potency problem? Gentlemen, regardless of age, lose interest in sex. Although several alternatives for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are being tried, it is time to try natural treatment forms, i.e., those with herbs. We tried the following three herbs on the potency.

Yohimbe – a miraculous conifer

If you have decided to encourage your partner’s potency with herbs, try a miraculous African conifer named Yohimbe. The best effect is the bark, which contains the substance yohimbine, an alkaloid containing active substances, which are also added to tablets on potency. We do not recommend exceeding the daily amount of this herb on the potency. Why and in what amount is it suitable for your partner? It is better to consult his doctor.


It is definitely worthwhile to try this herb on potency as well. Ginseng root has long been known for the production of drugs, but it is also used in the manufacture of medicines to treat erectile dysfunction and low potency. The effects of this herb on problem erections are safe and very effective. However, the truth remains that ginseng should not be used for a long time. Its stimulating effects during prolonged use lead to unpleasant sleep problems. Also, when combined with some other medicines or alcohol, you will not feel the best. Better, like us, on the effects of ginseng in the form of a nutritional supplement, in which you will have a dose of this herb under control every day. If your partner likes tea, he will get the same effect from ginseng tea.

Sea pine 

Third, we recommend that you try your partner’s magic herb called Sea Pine, which is equally suitable for stimulating male potency. All you need is bark, and you will find it mainly in southern Africa or in the southwestern Mediterranean. If you do not have this bark on hand, get Pycnogenol, a nutritional supplement with this bark’s extracts. We also confirm that this herb in potency solves low levels of potency and erection problems use Fildena 100 (erectile dysfunction). Men with a low ability to make antibodies should be careful when using this herb.

Useful herbs to stimulate male potency to exist, and some actually work, so these 3 species certainly do. Just like with all helpers, or with natural helpers like these herbs, it doesn’t always have to be overshot. If your partner has problems with potency or erections or has other intimate issues, he should not delay visiting his doctor. Support him as well to reduce the creation of other problems.




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