3 Essential Tips for Producing Viral Promo Videos of Apps for Creating the Hype

Viral Promo Videos of Apps

“As far as what makes a viral video, then it’s gotta be something that you’ve either never seen before, a fresh piece of comedy, or something that relates to something topical.” – Adam McKay – American Actor/Director

Viral videos are everywhere. I am sure most of my readers do see a viral video or two every day. From a baby climbing a ladder without help to a tragic accident in a far off hilly terrain, you just cannot limit viral videos in a single category. Most of the times we enjoy such videos as they are funny or are with a message.

In the initial days of YouTube or Daily Motion, such videos were uploaded by people like us. Nowadays many videos are created with an intention to make it viral. This is done by brilliant storytelling and creating engaging video. The quote at the start of this post is a brilliant example/definition as what constitutes a viral video.

Why the Need for Viral Promo Videos in the First Place?

Launching a new mobile app without a taut marketing campaign can be a fatal mistake as mobile app development is an extensive process which consumes much time and money. There are millions of apps on both Google Play and the App Store and a new app faces tough competition to say the least. Viral videos can help mobile apps just like any other IT field. A promo video reaching the masses can be the best thing for any app as it is akin to free marketing with social media sharing making it easily possible.

Wondering how to create such viral promo videos in quick time? Let me offer you 3 best tips so you can take full advantage of it.

1. 30 Seconds Promo video:

30 seconds videos are gaining popularity nowadays. The benefits are endless as it is easier to share on social media, everyone would watch it because of its short duration and will create a solid impact in less time if the content is great. Graphics and videos can deliver lots of content in less time. 30 seconds are enough to send your message across about an app that can make the life easier for the target market or a fun app that will make teenagers and young adults fall for it.

Making a promo of 30 seconds and hoping that it will go viral is not a piece of cake. An intriguing video would do the trick for the app maker that can grab the attention of the person watching it in the initial 2-3 seconds. People definitely like to share anything that excites them and your promo can go viral within a few days.

2. Audience Engagement:

The main benefit of 30 second videos is that they are short and sweet. The main quality of a short video is that it needs to hit the sweet spot within the first few seconds and grab the attention of the person looking at it. If the viewer will be engaged in it and will watch it completely he will definitely share it. But you need to engage your audience first. While you do want to make it viral, you still have to create it with your target audience in mind as a video for an app must be thoroughly engaging right from the word go.

3. Search Rankings will Come Easy:

Don’t get the impression that I am talking about just a viral video of merely 30 second long will get you to the top Google Rankings. But once you will try to make sure that your video is of top notch quality and the content is great too, only sky’s the limit. An innovative mobile app which serves its purpose well can offer any business a chance to break in the top tier. This will happen as they will get more users using their app, they will get more exposure in the marketplace.

Businesses need to understand that while an app is profit-drive decision for any venture, they need to play their cards wisely. The promo needs to be exactly about the app’s benefits for the end user and its features. Not just a snazzy video with cool effects will do. Research about your industry and the demands of the people who are your target market can make the task ridiculously easy for you.

Final Word

I am sure you are now well-informed about what a viral promo video can do for an app. While this is just the tip of an iceberg related to this fact, I hope it will ignite an interest among my readers to know more about this topic and apply it in actual. If you need any help from me in this regard or have any question in mind, then feel free to ask or give your valuable feedback by using the comments section below.

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