5 Smart Ways you can Increase your Mobile App Review

Increase your Mobile App Review

“Great app. Fast, simple and efficient.”

“It’s good. No complex menus.”

“I really loved it, it’s so addictive.”


App Reviews are always mixed. They are the ones which can decide an app’s future.

After developing an app, ask yourselves these questions.

Has your app gained a certain level of visibility? How are you attracting user attention? Is the app being only viewed or it is also being used?

These questions only gauge the app’s impact in an app-driven world.

In the crowded app world, with more than 2.8 million apps in Google Play Store (as on March 2017) and 1.4 million in Apple Play Store, making your app visible is an insurmountable task.

How to help?

With stiff competition, user ratings and reviews come as a great help. They act as the main triggers to measure an app’s success and also drive further app installs. Positive app reviews also assist in retaining users. After all, it’s the user retention capabilities of an app that improves the entire ecosystem by building a positive brand image and refraining users from using the app only once after its install.

App Reviews Matter!

Reviews complement app ratings. A personal touch in the form of a review along with a rating plays a key role in the purchase decisions. Once a good rating is backed by a compatible review, it enhances the app’s visibility and in turn draws user attention.

How to help your Mobile App get Positive Reviews? 

Develop a Good App:

It’s the job of a mobile app development company to create a good app such that it can produce good user reviews. The user experience must be good, failing which you cannot expect positive reviews. The app should provide value, the platform should be intuitive, making users happy in the entire process.

Employ an App Review Plugin:

An app review plugin is an easy way of asking for a review from a user. There exists a range of turn-key plugins for iOS and Android platforms, making it easy for the user to leave a feedback after using it.

Give Users Incentives for Reviewing an App: 

Who doesn’t like gifts? So, to get a review from a user, provide attractive in-game rewards or points to them. A boost to review the app will always direct user attention towards giving a review.

Time the Review Prompts Aptly:

Review prompts act as a great way to attract user reviews. They only act as reminders for the users to provide a review. But, it is essential to time the review prompts aptly. For instance, the prompt should not appear in front of the user just after installing the app. This brings down the experience level of the users. Time it at a juncture when a user has finished the proposed task successfully.

Combine Social Media Platforms:

Currently, social media platforms have taken the digital world by storm. You can use those platforms to ask for a review of your app from the ones who have been following you. This will not only increase the app downloads but consequently propel users to provide reviews.

You can also take the help of emails and newsletters to remind users to give a rating and a review. If this is done in a full-fledged manner during the beta stage itself, the app will be full of reviews before the commercial launch itself.

Do remember that app reviews help to boost your company’s brand image over and above enhancing the app’s visibility. Thus, get down choosing few of these tricks to gather app reviews more than before. You need to stand out!

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