Developing and marketing your first app the right way

Developing and marketing your first app

Billions of smartphone users, millions of app developers and billions of profits, this is the power of apps. According to Statistics, the total number of app downloads is expected to be 258.2 billion and the huge figure depicts the shining future of apps. With such hype and fiasco, app development is all set to surge more in coming years.

A question that often roams around in the tech industry is – how to develop and market our first app and the answer – well, the key to this treasure is given below.

While developing isn’t a piece of cake, marketing it is difficult than its development and to kill the curiousness, I have compiled a set of core elements that are essential to build and market your first app successfully. Follow them religiously and you would be halfway through the success.

Which App Idea to Choose:

Most likely, you would have lots of app ideas in your brain and the biggest mistake you could make is limiting yourself to an app idea. Think of multiple app ideas, pick few of them, put one in the development phase and save others for future.

If you observe the success of popular apps, you will find a trend and a need for that app in the routine life of people and this is where you have to put your brick in. Kickstart a brainstorming session and choose an idea that can hit the market at earliest. Don’t forget to make a plan b and c so that you don’t get disappointed in case of a failed app.

Get Your Idea on Paper:

Ideas are bulletproof but even bullets need a right direction. Write down your idea as clearly as possible on paper. List down the major phases your app is going to go through and include all the tools that are to be used in the app development. After you are done with the wordy part, here comes the next big thing of your app.

Draw your imagination on paper that is popularly known as – Wireframing. Create detailed app screens that would decide the look of your app. Despite it being just a sketch, drawing down the curves of your app will help you and developers understand what and how to turn your idea into a successful app.

Market and Audience Research:

Research is a tedious ask and you have to do it by keeping two aspects in mind. Industry research and market research. The first aspect targets the transformation of app industry, its future and the global direction of app development. Industry research is broader and it is basically to ensure the futuristic aspect of your app.

The later part, market research is narrowed to trending apps in app stores and among the majority. You can always pick the usp of app related to your niche so that your app offers something unique and distinctive. A well – versed research before developing your app won’t only save your dimes but it may result in turning your app into a diamond.

Decide The Platform:

It may seem a usual thing but deciding the platform for your app is very crucial. While the choice solely depends upon your app’s budget, apps supporting a number of platforms are expected to make it big that too in a short span of time. Additionally, the niche plays a key role in deciding the platform of an app.

While native apps are popular and persistent in performance, they come with a set of limitations such as their user base being dependent on a single platform. This is why cross-platform apps rake in more popularity and fortune rapidly. They don’t have limitations and they have a user base of a number of platforms that eventually results in billions of users.

Get It Build and Launch:

Remember, the world is transforming at a rapid pace and when it comes to the tech space, every day is a new day with heaps of idea being turned into an app. Once you are done with developing the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of your app, launch it and see its reception by the users.

With an initial release, you would have the exact feedback of your app and you will get the insights about all the leaps and bounds of your app.

Marketing Your App:

Now that you are well off to a start and your app has made it to the market, it is about time to market your app extensively. While there are various creative ways to market your app, the most practiced and result-oriented strategies are defined below.

App Store Optimization:

You may call it search engine optimization for apps. App store optimization is all about getting maximum eyeballs on your app by applying various app search strategies. The most effective ASO tactics include picking up an app name that is unique and easily graspable, including keywords in the app description and its frequent upgradation.

Other popular app store optimization strategies are including app screens and app teasers on the app store and improving the app ratings or reviews. All of the aforementioned practices of ASO are proven and can do wonders for your first app.

Paid Marketing:

If it is paid, it surely bags the results you want for your app. It includes paid marketing via social media, an app to app display marketing that is popularly known as universal app marketing and PPC (Pay per click) that rakes in more results than any other paid app marketing method.

Moreover, other paid app marketing techniques include Google AdWords, Facebook Businesses Ad, display advertisements, video marketing, etc. While paid app advertising is a whole fiasco, it is one of the fastest ways to get the desired ROI from your app.

Social Media Marketing:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and the sensational Snapchat are social media apps that include heaps of app marketing opportunities. The social media accounts of your app should be used to follow and get followed by the right people also known as the target audience.

Moreover, boosting ads on Facebook and Instagram is an extremely rapid way to get your app familiar to the user base. Storytelling is relatively a new and one of the most effective ways by which an app can gain a loyal and active following.

Public Relations:

Every app needs a spotlight of media and press. To create a buzz and credibility of your app, one has to push the details and other briefs about the app in the media and among online communities that are heavily active.

Press coverage not only improves an app’s discoverability but it also gains the edge over the competitor’s apps. Some various popular ways of making public relations include writing press releases, hosting an app launch event that would include the tech media personals and people related to the tech fraternity.

Getting interviews conducted about your app is another great way to market your app to the masses and well, who can deny the importance of content marketing and guest posting.

Influencer Marketing:

The power of celebrity endorsements cannot be denied and associating your first app with a celebrity is one of the best things you can do for your app. You must be thinking of burning extensive cash on influencer marketing but the truth is – one can do wonders with a small budget too.

Get all your tech connections on board and you will witness exponential growth in your app’ revenue as well as in popularity. The only thing to be ensured is hiring a known influencer that relates to your app and its niche.

Good Word of Mouth:

Word of mouth still weights gold and people doesn’t hold back from calling spade, a spade. Make sure your app doesn’t hang and make it as bug-free as possible. One little glitch can ruin your app and the reason will be bad word of mouth. Competition is intense and getting number of downloads is harder than before.

Market the app like with sheer focus and enhance its features from time to time. This is the only way you can build an app’s rigorous marketing plan and by this way, one can get a good number of loyal users.

Start building and launch campaign:

Building an app takes a lot of blood and sweat. It needs various elements including successful development strategies, a bright idea, and most importantly, a team whose goal is to make that app a global success.

While building an app needs an out of the square idea, wireframing and well-versed research, marketing it may include several phases including app store optimization, paid marketing, public relations, and influencer marketing.

On the other side, marketing your first app is crucial as you would be out of hands-on experience and chipping in word of mouth, eyeballs and lots of user base isn’t an easy task but if done rightly, one app can decide your fate. All that you need is just the right direction and smart work. Well, that’s a wrap from my side and if you have any queries, do let me know. 


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