Dream On: Important Factors to Consider for You to Have a Better Sleep

Benefits of Having a Good Sleep

Sleep serves a significant role in your life. Your body needs it most as well as eating healthy foods and exercising. Sleeping has a very high impact on your physical and mental health. Having enough sleep doesn’t just make you feel better in the morning, it has benefits that are more than just an energetic wake up call.

In this article, we’ll have a brief discussion about the effects of having good and poor sleeping habits. This article will also tackle about the things to consider and how certain factors can give you a good quality sleep. Without further ado, here they are:

What are the Benefits of Having a Good Sleep?

1. Boosts your Energy:

Sleep is a primary contributor to the physical health of a person. Having enough rest allows the body to restore small damages it has when awake. That’s the reason why people feel invigorated when waking up. That’s also the same reason why people get easily annoyed when abruptly woken up.

2. Helps you with your Health:

As mentioned earlier, the body goes into a restorative state during high quality sessions of sleep. Being well rested enables the body to restore some damages in the body and also helps the body to combat illness by enhancing the defense response of the immune system.

3. Improves Memory:

While you are snoozing, your mind is surprisingly busy functioning. Your mind goes through a process called consolidation. Consolidation is a state where your memory strengthens your recall of the knowledge or skills you’ve learned while you are awake.

4. Sharpens attention:

Those people who had adequate rest have higher levels of concentration compared to those who didn’t get enough sleep. Sleep promotes safety by enhancing your attention, which diminishes your risk of any injury or accidents.

Sleep can also help you make right decisions.  This is the reason why there are strict measures when it comes to people who operate heavy machinery. It’s a big no for these people to fall behind their sleeping hours as it will prove disastrous or hazardous for both the operator and the people around them as well.

5. Be More Creative:

Sleeping improves your cognitive abilities. It centralizes your focus and helps you think more creatively. You’ve probably heard that a lot of people have their “Eureka” moments when they sleep. This is probably because the brain doesn’t stop even if you’re asleep.

6. Manage your weight:

Sleep also can help to manage your weight. It can help to regulate a person’s body hormones that directly controls the appetite and metabolism.

Since we’ve taken a look on the positive effects of having high-quality sleep, here’s what will happen if you don’t have enough rest.

Adverse Effects that come from a Poor Sleeping Habit:

Benefits of Having a Good Sleep

1. Prone to Infections:

Your Immune System will become weaker and be more prone to any sickness.

2. Weight Gain:

A study shows that both children and adult with short sleep duration were 55%  to  89% more possible to become obese.

3. Ruins Emotional Balance:

Sleepless nights can make a person more irritable, short-tempered, and stressed out.

4. Lack of Daytime Energy and Productivity:

During the day, a person may feel sleepy and lack focus on any activity which greatly affects productivity.

Getting quality sleep appears like a tough goal when you’re always wide awake. Consider these things and understand how they affect you to achieve a good sleep you desired.

Other Factors that can affect your Sleep:

There are lots of external factors that can affect how a person gets a good-quality sleep. One factor is by the drinks you consume. When it comes to sleep, coffee is the drink most people run towards. Try limiting caffeine consumption during the morning and early in the afternoon so it won’t affect the way you sleep when night comes.

Others may say that alcohol can help you sleep better. Although it does knock out a person, alcohol is a depressant and may have negative effects on your body and well being. Even if you can sleep through the night by drinking alcohol, the quality of your sleep is greatly affected which is similar to not getting sleep at all.

Mattresses do Matter:  

According to Sleep experts, a mattress can affect a person’s sleep. What does a mattress have to do with your sleep? It’s because the body needs comfort when sleeping. A hard surface or an excessively soft mattress can affect the comfort of your sleep. Therefore, it’s important to determine the type of bed you want to sleep on.

There are things to consider when picking out the perfect bed that is suitable for each. These factors are the size, quality,  and most of all, the comfortability of the mattresses.

Exercise:  Key to Sleep:

Benefits of Having a Good Sleep

A person who suffers from Chronic insomnia has difficulty in initiating or managing sleep. People who suffer from this condition experiences a nonrestorative sleep. Performing exercise is one way to help a person with chronic insomnia to improve his or her sleep. It reduces the time it took for a person to fall asleep and also increases the length of his/her sleep.

Exercise can also help combat insomnia by lowering anxiety, arousal, and depressive symptoms. Insomnia has to do with elevated arousal, depression, and anxiety. Exercise has strong significant effects on diminishing these symptoms in most people. Lastly, exercise may decrease insomnia by its impact on the circadian rhythms. This rhythm is also known as the body clock.

Track your Sleep:

Try to have a sleep journal. In some instances, we are blind to our bad habits and mistakes until we meticulously track down our behavior. A sleep journal is effective when you want to know what are the conditions that lead to your poor sleep. A journal also helps to determine what possible treatments or behavior changes we can do to achieve high-quality sleep.


Having a better sleep is a tough thing to achieve when there are a lot of factors affecting on how you sleep. However, when we overcome those factors, benefits such as memory improvement, protection against sickness, and an energy boost are just some of the good effects we reap.

Factors such as mattresses and the drinks we take in can also affect the way we sleep. Always keep in mind that you need to have a comfortable surface to sleep on, and you need to take coffee and alcohol in moderation. If we’re able to achieve these steps, then getting high quality sleep is just easy as counting from 1 to 3.

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