Diya Yoga TTC School – Best Yoga Teacher Training in India

Best Yoga Teacher Training in India

India is not arguably the birthplace of yoga and a home to hundreds of yoga teacher training schools and ashrams. Thousands of yoga teachers and practitioners from all over the world fly to India to take their 200 hours, 300 hours, and 500 hours yoga teacher training course there. However, it could be a challenging task to find the best one.

About Diya Yoga School:

]Diya Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance’s Registered Yoga Schools operating in Goa, India. It offers certified multi-style yoga teacher training courses which deliver the comprehensive yoga theory and practice training program. Diya Yoga offers 200-Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Nidra Training, Hatha Yoga Meditation and Retreat, and Chakra Journey Yoga. Diya Yoga teacher training courses focus on balanced living, meditation, Asana, and Breath.

About Yoga Teacher Meera Acharya:

Meera Acharya is the Diya Yoga’s lead yoga trainer and well-known for her collaborative approach. Meera Acharya’s yoga journey was started when she was raised in the Osho Ashram in Pune. Her past deep learning on western and eastern philosophy leads herself to develop an unorthodox approach to yoga practice which colors yoga training courses of Diya Yoga today. In fact, Diya Yoga is now well known for its multi-style yoga teacher training course.

Meera applies the modern approach of combining yoga, self-inquiry, meditation with therapeutic healing elements. This method allows you to deal with various mental and physical problems since you can get into deeper relaxation more quickly and easily. Based on this western-eastern approach, Meera can effectively provide yoga teacher training to her students from Europe continent and all over the world. Meera is a reputable yoga teacher among the International yoga practitioners.


Diya Yoga has gained the popularity among the International yoga practitioners due to unforgettable yoga experiences. The students have found that Diya Yoga’s Teacher Training isn’t only beneficial but also life-changing. Besides, it offers the best Hatha and Yoga Nidra training courses in Goa.

Yoga Teacher Training:

Diya Yoga offers 200 Hour Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training courses scheduled for each month starting from this November to April next year. The price of the teacher training is Euro 850. Diya Yoga also offers accommodation including shared rooms and private rooms as well as foods by adding Euro 250-1050. A prior booking is highly suggested to secure your slots on the schedule and hopefully lady only class.

Yoga Nidra:

Diya Yoga also offers the popular Yoga Nidra teacher training program which promotes a balanced body and mind with conscious sleep. This allows you to get deeper into the relaxation state. Yoga Nidra could be therapeutic yoga practice that overcomes insomnia, anxiety, and emotional instability. It would be a powerful yogic tool for your own yoga studio.


Diya Yoga is the best yoga teacher training in India due to the Multi Style approach and reputable yet experienced yoga guru, Meera Acharya. It’s suggested to take both Hatha Yoga teacher training and Yoga Nidra teacher training courses in Diya Yoga. You need to book your slot and accommodation early.


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