7 Fertility tips for women over 30

Fertility tips for women

All the women nearing 3 decades of their life can totally relate to what I’m going to say next. “Plan a family before you cross your thirtieth birthday”. You must have had long conversations about how your fertility gets affected as you cross thirty years of your life. Well,it’s not a myth, its right.

A lot of couples plan children post the 30s these days. It seems like a good plan for them because of post-30s couples are more settled in their relationship and career. Before one embarks upon parenthood, one keeps pondering if they are ready for this responsibility.

Many couples are hesitant to take up the responsibility of a child because of their career goals. Although it might seem like a practical decision, but the fact that cannot be ignored is that post thirty the chances of you getting pregnant falls gradually. Fertility experts, therefore, emphasizes upon not waiting for too long, specifically in case you are planning more than one children.

Nevertheless, if you are in your 30 or you are going to enter your 30s soon and are planning children here are few tips –

1. Do not wait for too long:

Once you have entered your 30s and you plan parenthood, then do not delay any further. Start having unprotected sex for at least a six unprotected if you don’t conceive, rush to a gynecologist immediately. For fertility treatments to be effective age plays an important role. So get the diagnosis and start the appropriate treatment as soon as possible. Your planning should be in accordance so that you have time on hand for treatment if you happen to not conceive naturally.

2. Go for regular check-ups:

You must go for regular check-ups, just in case there is some issue, immediate actions can be taken. As you are aging, you can’t afford to waste time. So its always advisable to see a doctor at least once a month.

3. Quit smoking and drinking:

Smoking and drinking

Consumption of alcohol and smoking are two threats to your fertility. Keeping such habits in control is crucial. Quitting smoking and drinking is the best for both the partners. If you are regularly exposed to smoke, then avoid going to such areas. Passive smoking is equally harmful to your fertility.

Studies have shown that women who smoke, are more susceptible to miscarriages or end up giving births to premature babies. Adopt a healthier lifestyle and stay away from drugs or liquor.

4. Start Exercising:

Exercise is a good detox. Weight gain can be an issue while conceiving. Ideal body mass index (BMI) for women should be within the range of 20-25. If the BMI is very high, then it affects your hormonal levels, thereby reducing your chances of getting pregnant. Even if you are undergoing treatments, body mass index on the upper side can lead to failure. Exercising can help you manage stress better. Stress is your enemy. Exercising can detox your body and bring it back to equilibrium and prepares you for getting pregnant.

5. Balanced Diet:

A balanced diet is very essential, for you to be fully ready to conceive. Stop eating anything without giving thoughts towards the nutritional values. If you want to conceive naturally you must follow a proper diet, eat all the required nutrients. Your body has to be healthy to give birth to a healthy baby. Taking a good quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement which contains vitamins A, B, E and C complex, zinc, magnesium, selenium, iron and Co-enzyme Q10 plays a vital role in the entire IVF process. Having Wheat Grass to keep your FSH in check and Royal Jelly to nourish your egg quality helps.

6. Acupuncture therapy:

According to medical research and several other studies acupuncture is one the best was to increase your fertility levels. Acupuncture therapy rises the fertility levels by reducing stress, balancing the endocrine system and regulating the blood flow to the reproductive organs. Stress is one of the critical factors reducing your potential to conceive. We can reverse our age, but stress can be dealt with through acupuncture therapy.

When one is under stress, hormone cortisol is secreted in the brain. This alters the neurochemical balance of the mind resulting in the hormonal imbalance, and pituitary balance is disrupted. Therefore dealing with stress becomes very essential, acupuncture therapy should be a good way for the same. Thyroid ought to be under control for you to conceive. Any imbalances in thyroid levels can significantly hamper your fertility. Acupuncture can also help you tackle this issue.

7. Use an ovulation calendar:

A fertility calculator/calendar can help you trace the length of the cycle, and you can know which exact day of the month you’re most fertile. Eventually, you’ll understand the pattern of your cycle, and you can use this information to try to conceive on those particular days.

All these tips may seem trivial and cumbersome, but they really affect your chances of being a mother.


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