All Information About Neuropathy And Best Home Remedies For Neuropathy

Remedies For Neuropathy

You have neuropathy. You are bothered by its symptoms. You want to know home remedies for neuropathy to ease its presence. This article will let you know more about neuropathy and give you best home remedies for neuropathy.

What is neuropathy?:

Neuropathy is the medical term means the diseases or dysfunctions nerves.  Neuropathy can cause the wrong feeling or pain. Neuropathy problems often result of illness. Some medicine’s side effects or injury can lead to neuropathy.  Depending on the present place, people will classify the types of neuropathy.

How many types of neuropathy?:

Peripheral neuropathy:

Peripheral neuropathy is that means the problems that occur in the peripheral nervous system. It helps to send sign and information from the central nervous system to the extremities. It can cause pain or numbness in your hand and your leg.

Cranial neuropathy:

When the trauma or problem presents in the twelve cranial nerves, they call cranial neuropathy. Auditory and optic neuropathy is more common than the others. Auditory is responsible for the hearing. The visual signals were transmitted by the optic neuropathy.

Autonomic neuropathy:

Your respiratory, circulation system or bowel movement is under control of autonomic neuropathy. If the autonomic neuropathy has disorders, you may get into the dangerous situation.

Focal neuropathy:

Focal neuropathy is less common than other types. It can be a result of compression or trauma. Focal neuropathy effects in some particular area.

What causes neuropathy?:

Neuropathy can be the result of many reasons. Here are some principal neuropathy causes.


One of the complications of diabetes is the peripheral neuropathy. The high blood pressure in a long time can damage the nerve fibers. Thus, the patients can lose or reduce the feeling at hand or feet. They may get injuries, but they don’t know. People call peripheral neuropathy is diabetic neuropathy which often sees in the elderly people who suffer diabetes for decades.

Lack of the vitamin B12:

Many studies show the crucial function of vitamin B12 to the nerve system. They also believe that vitamin 12 deficiencies can lead to neuropathy.

Autoimmune diseases:

Neuropathies can be the result of several autoimmune diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or Guillain-Barre syndrome.


The infection can destroy our nerves such as infection in HIV/AIDS.

Trauma or injury:

The wound can directly destroy the brain, the spinal cord or the nerves. In some cases, the injury also damages the blood vessel leading to the lack of blood to raise the nerves. It makes our nerves can be dysfunction.

Tumors or cancer:

Tumor or cancer is a structure of uncontrolled growth cells. This structure can grow and pressure on the nerves and cause neuropathy diseases.

Medication or drugs:

Some medications have adverse effects affect the neuropathy system. Besides, the illegal drugs can also cause neuropathy disease if people use it in a long time.

Poisons or toxin substances:

Some substances like mercury or arsenic can damage our nervous system.

The symptoms of neuropathy:

Depending on the symptoms, the doctor can diagnose the neuropathy disease. The peripheral neuropathy often is the damage to the sensory nerves which receive the sign and information. You often see the first symptoms at the feet which may lose the feeling or pain. Because of loss of feeling some sores or pain, we can feel. Thus, the trauma or wound will get worse quickly without notice. In many cases, we need to remove the extremity because of neurosis. Another symptom can be hypersensitive. You may feel extremely hot, pain or itchy.

If the motor nerves are damaged, the symptoms may have cramping, weakness or loss of muscle mass.

Many problems or disorders will happen if we have autonomic neuropathy.  Difficult to breathe, uncontrolled blood pressure or digestive disorder and many others can present.

The treatment of neuropathy:

You should seek health care if you have neuropathy. The treatment can combine using medicine and physical therapy. The doctor can give you antidepressants, anticonvulsants or opioids. Some symptoms will improve so much if you receive help from physical therapy.

Best home remedies for neuropathy:

Remedies For Neuropathy

Some home remedies for neuropathy is so simple, but it’s effective to reduce the symptoms of neuropathy.

Using alpha lipoic acid:

This essential fatty acid makes energy for the body by converting sugar in the blood to power. And, it plays a crucial role in bodily functions.  Alpha lipoic acid helps to get rid of free radical out the body. Experts say that if we take in alpha lipoic acid every day the symptoms of neuropathy will reduce. The recommended dose is a 600mg for every day. After six weeks, you may see the improvement.

Intake magnesium:

Some studies show that more than half of West people get magnesium deficient. Magnesium is an essential mineral which use to form fatty acid and new cells. It also helps to maintain the muscle and nerve function. You can supplement magnesium through green vegetables, legumes or sunflower seeds. You also take in magnesium from supplement food in the stores.

Cayenne pepper:

Capsaicin chemical makes cayenne pepper is so hot. This spice will boost your appetite. Besides, people use cayenne pepper to relieve pain and improve circulation.  They produce the pain relief gels, ointments which have capsaicin ingredient.

Using evening primrose oil:

People believe that evening primrose oil help to ease the symptoms of neuropathy. This oil helps in repairing the damaged nerves. However, it increases the risk of bleeding.


In general, doing exercise regularly is a good lifestyle. Exercise increases your metabolism and your immune system. Besides, workout boosts your circulation so that the blood will be easier to flow to the limbs. A light heavy in the morning can bring the energy to the body all day long. Accurately exercise can help to regulate blood sugar so that your type 2 diabetes condition is under control. Waking or cycling to your work office can be a great ideal instead of driving.

Massage and care your feet:

You should care about your hands and your feet. Massage can help to boost the blood circulation and relax your muscle. Your feet are under pressure all day. You should let it free and care about them. You should wear the loose shoes. The tight shoes can increase the risk of foot ulcer.

Supplement the B12 vitamins:

As you know, vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to neuropathy. You can take in the vitamin B12 through the food. You can also buy the vitamin B12 supplement products, as well.

In conclusion, now you know clearly about what neuropathy is, what causes neuropathy, the symptoms, and the treatments. Especially, the list of home remedies for neuropathy which can help to improve your condition.


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