Natural Remedies to Cure Meniere’s disease

Remedies to Cure Meniere's

Meniere’s disease, which is also known as secondary endolymphatic hydrops, is basically a debilitating vestibular condition, which is responsible for creating a particular combination of numerous symptoms. This syndrome is responsible for affecting the balance as well as the spatial orientation and hearing. It is true that a number of medicines are available, but most of the people prefer natural remedies for this disease. This is why having a proper knowledge of important natural remedies is a must.

Given below is a list of the natural remedies that can be followed without involving pharmaceuticals, surgeries, or injections.

A diet that is low in sodium:

This is normally recommended by numerous physicians with an idea that it is going to serve the same purpose that is served by diuretics. Diuretics are responsible for forcing your body to expel the fluids that are stored. A diet that is low in sodium prevents your body from storing any water at all. You need to understand that when you are following a diet that contains low sodium, you can get dehydrated if you are not drinking a lot of water. The positive symptom is that it reduces the fluid that is stored in your ears, which will be beneficial in reducing the symptoms associated with secondary endolymphatic hydrops.

Several other dietary changes:

The level of insulin, as well as blood pressure, is known to play a significant role in managing the symptoms associated with Meniere’s. This is why, it is extremely important to try and reduce the intake of carbohydrate, as the carbs can easily change into sugar within your body. You should reduce consuming the foods that are inflammatory as they are capable of making the symptoms worse. Foods like refined sugars as well as dairy products are responsible for inflammatory reaction within your body.

Hydrating properly:

It is true that though this disease is related to the excess fluid within your ear, you should drink enough water in order to take care of yourself. Water helps in removing unnecessary salts, toxins, and various substances, which are unwanted in your body. Moreover, if you are consuming a diet that is low in salts, it is your duty to increase the intake of water. If you get dehydrated, the symptoms are worse.

Mechanisms for coping with stress:

Stress is one of the major triggers for the Meniere’s episodes. It is true that all the stress cannot be avoided but you should definitely learn how you can manage the stress. Try to share your stress with someone you trust, practice meditation, stretch your body, or pick up a particular hobby. When you learn to cope with all your stress with the help of positive means, it is going to help to a great extent.

Chances are that your doctor is going to prescribe numerous tests for confirming the positivity of this condition. To know more about the kinds of tests that are normally performed on people having endolymphatic hydrops, you can visit reputed websites like This website has all the necessary information that you are looking for.


If you can keep all these remedies in mind, you will be able to control the symptoms to a great extent. However, do not forget what your doctor has advised you to do, or it can be dangerous.

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