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Four decades ago, many of the household jobs in the globe were done manually. You name it, the clothes were washed in the weekends; food was prepared fresh and served in morning, afternoon and night. In the summer, the terraces were lined with coconut tree leaves to escape from the scorching heat. But came technology and with it, fast paced life, every aspect changed. At present, nuclear families were the order of the day. The husband and wife go to work and the children to school or college. The family get to meet only on the weekends. The elders lead a retired life. To make the best use of time, electronic appliances were invented. But, of late, you take for granted the task of electronic items. You visualize that the milk and food will always stay cold and fresh, the dishes will be cleaned spotless, clothes in the washing machine are bound to come out sparkling clean.

It is well-known, that non-maintenance of the electronic items will result in malfunction and break-down of the same. And, then you have to face the consequences of abiding with one decision – either for replacement or repair. Home improvement experts say, that a regular maintenance check can assist in prolonging the life of electronic appliances you depend on every day. In this article, you will get information on tips to prolong the life of appliances in your home by easy methods. So, shall we go into the details one by one?



Replacement of this appliance can definitely make a home in the wallet. To ensure the appliance parts work to their specified limits and continue to perform, you can follow the tips given below –

It is mandatory to keep the freezer as well fridge clean

Clean up the left-overs of the birthday cake or any food item in the fridge. It is vital to keep the condenser coils clean and make use of a condenser coil brush.

Do you have to clean the freezer? Then unplug it, remove every item, wash it cleanly with the baking soda. Then make use of water to rinse the part. For drying, use the towel. Then plug the freezer back into the appliance. In a refrigerator, the condenser should remain clean at all times. In case of the opposite, the compressor will overheat and go to the failure mode.



Do you have a freezer in your home or shop? There are many which have the frost-free option. But in case of a manual defrost freezer, it is mandatory to do the complete defrost every year. The frost should never become more than half a inch thick. To remove, you can use the wooden or plastic scraper. The valuable tip – never make use of the steel or iron knife. Sharp instruments are a strict NO-NO when removing the frost layer.



You may have a expensive oven which adds the splendor to your kitchen, but under improper maintenance, it will lose part of its lifetime and end up in the terrace rack. So clean the interior of your oven every week. Ensure that the food does not stick on burners. The work may need hard and smart actions, but it is worth the value.

You should never spray the cleaning fluid on the control panels. If you do, the result will be short circuit. The best way is to apply a little fluid on the rag to clean the surface. Do you have the self cleaning option for your oven? However, they also reiterate that aluminum foil should not be used beneath the backing element.

When you use the self cleaning cycle, the appliance becomes very hot. In case of extreme heat, toxic fumes may be released causing harm to the health. It may even cause the components of the oven to fail. Usually, a oven fails after the owner makes use of the self-clean cycle. But there is a cache. Clean the spills in the oven and you do never have to use the process of self cleaning.



There may be many filters in electronic appliances. For example, charcoal filter(oven), filters in dishwashers (refrigerators), ensure you follow the guidelines of the manufacturer during the cleaning process.

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Using dish soap will prove detrimental for the appliance. It can lead to build-up of debris. It is always wise to use the dish detergent. You have to rinse, clean all the food off the dishes with water before loading to the dishwasher. You might hear many myths about leaving the food in the dishes, but where will they go? Usually they clog the pump, spray arms and drain lines. Then you have no choice but to call a qualified repair technician.

Washing Machine:

washing machine


A appliance that saves time and your energy on the weekends. So, do not overload the washing machine with clothes. If you do, it will add unnecessary stress in the motor and other parts. Your clothes will also not get clean as the water and detergent will never go between the thick pile. In fact, you shorten the life of the appliance. You should always follow the instructions of the manufacturer while loading the clothes. Always opt for small loads compared to the manufacturer instructions.

Before loading the clothes, ensure you empty the pockets. Coins or iron items such as comb can cause damage to the pump of the washing machine. By luck, we are using only ballpoint pens. Imagine forgetting a ink pen in your shirt pocket, you cause damage to the entire laundry.



As per home improvement experts, it is mandatory to clean the lint screen. Unclean will cause disastrous consequences such as the dry vent to become clogged. The dryer will also work overtime. In case of extreme situations, you may face a fire hazard. The exhaust system of the dryer, dryer vent line should be cleaned at least once a year.


Following the simple tips given below will make you save money and valuable time. Before making the decision to repair or replace a electronic appliance, ensure that you check the electrical connections properly. There may be a problem with the sockets and wiring. Agreed, it is always wise to buy a new appliance if the repair cost of the old one is fifty percent more than buying the new one. But the question is what is the need for repair when you can prevent the malfunction by regular maintenance?

Let us imagine, you have followed all the instructions in the article for six months. Still one of your appliances, that is fridge, goes kaput. You have shifted to Pune from Bangalore with your family because of promotions in your company. Now, in a new city, where will you go for referrals? You definitely can search in established websites, but can the advertised professionals be trusted? So, what is the next option? Please wait, there is still hope. A new set of companies have emerged in Pune since half a decade offering top quality doorstep repair services. By placing a request, you can hire the services of a qualified technician specializing in fridge repair in Pune. You just have to download a company’s app, schedule the service as per your convenience on a fixed date and hour. The concerned person will come to your home on the fixed time and restore the appliance back to normal.

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