Hottest Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

Kitchen Design Trends

The year 2019 will be quite interesting when it comes to the latest kitchen design trends. They are offering some really exciting approaches when it comes to aesthetics, but also some really cool appliances that will make your chores easier.

If you have been planning to bring your kitchen up to date, here are the trends to watch out for:

1. Forget about granite:

The material to go for back in the 1990’s but also in the early 200’s has finally reached its near end. In the last couple of years, it has been losing its long-lasting popularity because it has become clear that a kitchen made of granite looks too ordinary, maybe even slightly outdated. And when we also consider the fact that it can easily be a home to many bacteria if you don’t take care of it properly and that can wear out pretty fast, it’s clear why the year 2019 won’t have it on the top of the materials list.

On the other hand, copper is making its way towards the top – you can now find copper ovens, not just sinks and taps.

2. A kitchen that doesn’t look like one:

It’s a trend to make your kitchen look not so kitchen-like. The cabinets in these types of kitchens are so stylish that you can’t even realize they are kitchen cabinets.

In essence, designers are giving us the opportunity to hide certain kitchen elements from our sight, camouflaging it into looking like something else. Features like sliding doors that hide the kitchen structure completely are the latest hype.

3. A switch from white to darker tones:

The white kitchen will always be timeless, no doubt about that. However, the approaching year offers some cool alternatives that are leaning more on the rich type of look. And let’s not forget the fact that a white kitchen is pretty hard to keep clean.

So, a bit of a moody tone will create an unexpected effect, adding a bit of luxury to the whole feeling. Dark greens or terracotta will bring some form of elevated energy to the kitchen – something to definitely consider next year. Finally, the black is definitely back, not just because it’s very easy to keep black kitchen surfaces clean but also because there is nothing more elegant than black. Additionally, you can combine black with instances of dark grey or light khaki if you don’t want to go overboard with the black only.

4. Matte finishes:

Feeling the slick touch of matte surface is turquoise. Both the appliances and cabinetry are now available with matte finishes. They are very easy to maintain but they will also be trendy for many years to come, that’s for sure – one more reason for you to consider this option.

5. Playing with colors:

Kitchens of 2019 will also be about the splash of colors. It’s not about having one color only, but the goal is to play with several colors that intertwine as you look from the ceiling to the floor. For example, you can have drawers and cabinets painted in turquoise and light pink, while the tiles between can come in the soothing beige. And then complete the whole look with choosing one of the colorful, practical kitchen mats or rugs that unite all the three colors, spreading them around the key areas. Of course, this is not the only combination of colors you can choose – the choice is up to you, as long as you include two vibrant colors in the mix.

6. Spanish and Moroccan spirit:

The exotic feeling inside the kitchen is directed to Spain and Morocco this time. The tiles are the key feature here, as those inspired by these two beautiful countries will really turn your kitchen into one in a million. There is no way your kitchen will be ordinary or outdated.

6. Going Hygge:

The concept of Hygge is making its way far away from its home country, Denmark. Among other things, Hygge is an idea of a clutter-free space where only the necessary objects are visible and within your reach. Once you have embraced this concept, you’ll realize that you don’t really need all those cabinets and drawers and you will allow the kitchen to breathe.

Final comment:

As you can see, latest kitchen trends are exciting and innovative, both in the aesthetical and practical sense. You only have to choose what suits you and your family.


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