Drupal To WordPress Migration: Brief Comparison Of Both Platforms

Drupal To WordPress Migration

There has been an increase in the number of people opting for Drupal to WordPress migration. Users list a variety of reasons which encourage them to convert Drupal to WordPress. The reasons range from the easy to use nature of WordPress to its excellent SEO capabilities. A comparative study that weighs the benefits and drawbacks of both platforms will help people in understanding their basic characteristics. It will also be useful in assessing which will be more suitable for their website building requirements. We are presenting a brief comparison of both the platforms across some important parameters.

1. Ease Of Use:

A user must be technically proficient in order to be able to use Drupal as compared to WordPress. Anyone with limited technical knowledge can learn the basics of WordPress and use it to build websites. Its drag and drop functionality and the WYSIWYG editor make it extremely easy to create interfaces and maintain them. The advanced nature of Drupal may make it difficult for most people to use it but the same factor makes it suitable for executing complex projects. Both the services come with extensive documentation which can be used to understand their basics. Ease of use is a major reason that encourages people to convert Drupal to WordPress.

2. Flexibility Of The Platforms:

WordPress is an extremely flexible platform with numerous convenient features like themes and plugins. The wide range of themes and plugins in paid as well as premium versions help in speedy website creation. Drupal only offers starter themes which must be customized to impart a unique look to the project. It has modules which are similar to plugins and like them are used for adding functionalities to websites. The main difference between both the platforms is that a professional will be needed to handle Drupal themes or modules. On the other hand, an amateur user can easily work with WordPress themes and plugins.

3. Functionality Of Both The Platforms:

As mentioned earlier, Drupal is complex in nature but its advanced functionality makes it ideal for complicated projects. It has multiple page templates and content types which can be difficult to find in WordPress. It’s inherent complexity results in a steep learning curve but also adds to its versatility and makes it powerful. Drupal has advanced user permissions also which enable it to support multiple website stakeholders like website admins and content editors. When a user converts Drupal to WordPress, he/she will be handling a much simpler platform but lose out on versatile functionality.

4. Security Of The Website:

Security of the website is of prime concern to all owners especially as both platforms are of open source nature. Drupal provides enterprise-grade security and comprehensive reports that give a complete idea about website’s security condition. People must note though that Drupal 6 is not being supported by the community after the release of Drupal 8. The popularity of WordPress makes it the target of hackers but the support community ensures that all issues are quickly resolved. The platform has ample security features and can be trusted to build a safe website.

5. Cost Of Website Development:

Both the platforms are open source in nature meaning that anyone can download their core installation for free. WordPress users can get a functional website without spending a single penny and only have to pay for website hosting and domain name services. People opting for Drupal will need to hire professional developers if they do not have the requisite skills which will naturally escalate the cost of development.

6. Support Offered To Users:

The massive online community of WordPress ensures that people get access to help at all times. There are tutorials and video guides on all aspects besides a large number of user forums that provide assistance. Drupal also has an active support community that can be tapped for any kind of help and guidance. It also has a Marketplace that connects clients with developers and can be used for hiring professional services.


Migrating a website from Drupal to WordPress gives access to a convenient platform that a person can learn to use easily. It also brings down the cost of maintaining the website by reducing the dependence on a professional for the purpose.

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