How Can Power Washer In Weddington, NC, Help Make Paint Last Longer?

power washer

Power washing, or pressure washing, is a service that uses a machine, wand, and water to spray the surfaces with high pressured water and chemicals to clean areas. When walls are being prepared for painting, power washing becomes an important first step. In case of improper cleaning prior to painting, the paint often falls off as big or small flakes due to poor sticking.

This service allows the paint to go years without getting damaged. Sometimes, a painter may not suggest power washing before painting, but an experienced painter will know it as a necessary step to ensure the good and lasting sticking of paint and will always suggest it to save your money in future.

How Power Washing Helps:

Power washing works by cleaning and preparing the surface for paint by removing any dirt, mildew, mold, pollen, pollutants, and dust present on it. Power washer in Weddington, NC, is also useful to remove any chalking that may have taken place.

The use of right pressure washing machine will ensure the perfect groundwork for external painting projects. Where water is thought of as damaging to the wood, the right amount of pressure can clean several surfaces, including wood, without doing it any harm.

Using the right nozzle and a correct positioning of it also plays a significant role in cleaning. For each surface, there is a different angle and fan trajectory of water. Experienced contractors of power washing in Weddington, NC, are able to avoid wand marks, preventing any damage caused by applying too much pressure at the wrong angle.

Power Washing For Home’s Exterior:

Prior to applying two coats of quality paint, there is a need of removing any mold, pollutants, dirt, mildew, pollen, and dust on the house’s exterior.

Removal Of Cobwebs:

In corners of a home, the presence of cobwebs and wasp nets is very common. During the power wash, most of the cobwebs will be washed away. However, the complete removal may be impossible, so the job of a good painter can be observed here, as he/she will remove them all by hand before applying the paint.

Removal Of Paint Chips:

In Weddington NC, pressure washing can clear most of the paint chips. But, like cobwebs, paint chips too cannot be cleared completely. Extra pressure can cause unnecessary damage. So, the leftover paint chips need to be removed by hand when dry.

Removal Of Stains:

Stains can give an unpleasant appearance to the walls. Where power wash is great to get rid of stains, some of the stains, like discoloration from years of weathering, may be hard to remove. After a power wash, two coats of fresh paint will help remove these stubborn stains and will leave your house with a fresh and stain-free look.

Chemicals used by power washers:

Out of the chemicals which are most commonly used for power washing the exterior of a house are water, bleach, and trisodium phosphate. Normally the usage of these chemicals are enough to get the job done, but for other special projects, there are tougher chemicals present too. The service providers try to maximize the use of chemicals which are least damaging to the plants and landscaping. The bleach they use is also diluted enough to avoid any harm to the shrubs.

This service is efficient and gives results in a longer run. Sometimes people may skip it for a quicker maintenance of the house, but a little time invested in it can save you from a lot of trouble regarding paint in the future.

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