Tips for Students to Run Blog While Studying

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Student life is the most important stage of any one future. That is why, no one manna waste time at those moments without study. But they don’t know that there are no more differences between writing a blog and writing to prepare for examination. They never think that blog writing or blogging may solve financial crisis and give relax able life style at this stage. Besides those benefits, there are lots of positive reasons because blogging is a permanent profession without going to office and you can increase knowledge by blogging through over the world. So, I recommend you just start a blog. Below give details, read carefully and know how to start.

Write what you know

You seem to be little worried to decide what I write. So, why not about the subject of your studies? Your studies subject may help you to make a handsome blog. If you start blog on your studies subject, it will help to increase both blog and preparation for examination at same time. So, blogging is not time consummation but inspiration for a student. Start to write blog on your studies subject and express what you have learnt from those subjects. I am sure that if you can express and share on your own blog what learn from studies subject, you will feel more energetic at your studies. Don’t waste to think more and more. Just start and make handsome blog.

Use Social Media to rank

Social Media is one of the most important ways to do Search Engine Optimization for getting high quality traffic from Search Engine like google, bing, yahoo etc. Now a days, most of the students are killing time on social media to chat or some things else so, at that time, you can share your blog posts on social media channels or you can schedule the posts for later deliver using free apps.

 Some tips for you to save time to blog

  1. You can use SEMRush to look at the competitor that you are going to write.
  2. you can use search engine suggest for more in-depth topic ideas.
  3. you can use dictionary and google translate to check spelling and get new word
  4. You can use ginger for grammar checking. Besides those, there are a lots of usage tools by which you can make it as easy as you want.

Be little professional

Organized manner is the key of success of every branch of life. Try to be organized with time and get effective result both of blog and studies. You have to plan to schedule time to spend on blog but make sure that it is not runs onto study. It will gradually make you professional and give money to spend prestigious life. I personally like to recommend you that times maintain is most important thing to blog at study stage. So, try to be better organized.


Blogging is a great medium that help students massively while study and give money to solve financial crisis. After complete study, you can make blogging domain as permanent profession. I hope above tips have given energy on blogging. So, just create blog, stay organized, always put studies into blog and enjoy. After all, blogging is meant to be fun.

Friends I am Manoar Molla, executant and writer of Content Pond. I have been wording on freelancer and writer domain since two years ago to learn and teach blogging and writing through over the world.


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