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SEO Friendly post

Article writing and posting on Blog is one kind on page Search Engine Optimization. So, article should be post in right manner to get high traffic from search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. If you are wrong to post articles, then you are missing out on high quality blog visitors. I recommend to you, please be aware from such that mistake. To optimize blog in right ways, read carefully below

Choice A Topic

At first you have to choice a relevant topic that would be very interested to readers. If readers are not interested to read, they will bounce off quickly from your site. So, reader interest is very important to get sharing the article on social media platform like face book, twitter, google plus and linkendIn. If your article share more and more from readers to social media platform, it will get social signals telling search engines that your article content is informative relevant on topic and get high traffic.

Select Topic Related Keywords

Key word is crucial point to reach you target readers, because without good keywords with topic related your blog post is meaningless. So, you have to select relevant keywords and include those keywords in different points of your article to optimize better. You can see many keywords on google search result page when you search something but it is difficult to choice keywords from there. Don’t worried just go to google keywords planner, it is totally and search article related keywords to get keyword ideas with search and competition information. I recommend to you, select long tail keywords but not more than five words because it is not good.

Create Great Introduction

Introduction is the first trace of article by which readers would insert into entire article. So, introduction should have neat and clear idea on topic because it is first paragraph from where readers bouncing off quickly from your blog. If this is not focus readers, it won’t rank well, no matter how much you optimize it. But try to write better to achieve your goals.

Heading and Title

Heading make understand search engines and readers exact topic of article. So, use heading H1, H2, H3, as title, main heading and subheading respectively to cover entire article. According to search engines, try to use title within 50 to 60 characters and include your main keyword in it. You should use main heading as H2 and can include keywords within header but not again and again because you may be penalized for keywords stuffing. If you need subheading, use H3 as subheading easy to understand the paragraph subsequently.

Meta Description

It is one of the most important factors for your blog because it appears below the heading of search result page after making understand the search engines about topic of articles. It helps blog to increase ranking.
To write meta description, you should keep in mind that google displayed only 150 character. So, it must be within limitation. When you write meta description try to add keywords because it is great place for keywords but should be meaningful. Otherwise, you may be ignored from search engine.

Internal linking

Internal linking is one kind of connection with one or more words to another page within a specific website but not to other website. So, I recommend to you, try to insert 2-3 internal link because it is not effects SEO to score high ranking but also increase Crawlability of all those post. But when you insert internal link try to avoid one word linking and use more than two words that looking nice and make sense to link about. Suppose you want to link on keyword “what is organic traffic” but link goes to about “Health remedy”, it is not relevant. Please don’t do this.

Featured Images

Most of search engine can’t understand images because they are text based. That is why, you need to describe images that helps search engines to understands what your images are about.
Though, images are not understand by most of search engines, it plays crucial role of SEO because images is first view of post by which readers love to read and share articles on social media channels. So, add matching images with your articles to improve SEO that get your ranking. And try to use ALT tag to help search engine understand better.

I hope all the tips are very helpful to all reader who are intended to get high traffic of blog. These tips are all about on page SEO but have to perform some off page SEO to achieve you goads. I recommend to all of you that just to utilize these tips and be happy with your blog.

Friends I am Manoar Molla, executant and writer of Content Pond. I have been wording on freelancer and writer domain since two years ago to learn and teach blogging and writing through over the world.


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