Blogging Could Be Your Calling

Benefits Of Blogging

 What is blogging? A ‘blog’ is a short form of a weblog which basically is an online diary, where people can write about various topics such as art, travel, fitness, finance or anything that interests them. This blog is then available online for everyone to read and share their views.

Benefits Of Blogging:

 1. Not bound to one location:

Bloggers are free to work from any location they wish to. As long as you have internet access you are in business! Imagine the freedom you can achieve in your life to be able to work from where you want and when you want!

2. Cost-effective:

Blogs are a very good platform to market your ideas or brands. By putting up details about your brand/product which can reach millions of people through this online platform. This saves you a lot of money and time which you otherwise would spend on traditional marketing techniques.

3. It’s quick!:

Not only is it cost effective but also engages a larger number of clients in a short period of time as it is easier and more widely accessible through the internet.

4. Platform to express yourself!:

There are many times where you have had certain experiences and ideas but don’t know where and how to put it across. Blogging is a great platform to do so which not only helps you get your thoughts and ideas out there but also connects you with like-minded people who might be interested in your ideas.

5. Make money:

Blogging can also be used as a source of income. Collaborating with different companies to showcase their products, writing for brands and other such opportunities help bloggers earn money while doing what they are passionate about What else do you need?

Starting Your Own Blog:

1. Find and choose a blog platform that suits you best:

WordPress is one such platform which is being used by a large number of bloggers. It is easy to use and freely accessible. It contains a large number of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) plugins and extensions which can help you design and create a blogging website of your dreams. Basically, WordPress is your secret SEO weapon as it lets you easily handle and manage your own blog without depending on a designer or a ‘professional’.

2. Select a web host for your blog:

Here you have an option of selecting a paid web host or a free one. There are pros and cons of both which you will have to decide based on your blog.

3. Select a domain and domain name for your blog:

You need to select a name which clearly indicates what your blog is about at the same times needs to be catchy. Ensure that your domain name is not too long and confusing!

4. Design your blogging website:

Here you can let your creativity flow. Platforms like WordPress offer simple design dashboards which help you design your blogging website the way you want.

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