How to Overcome the Fear of vaccines in Baby

Overcome the Fear of vaccines

However, there is always something that moms can do to alleviate the discomfort of our little ones. Therefore, today I bring you some tricks to help the baby overcome the pain of vaccines.

If the mom is calm, the baby will also be:

According to Dr. Neil Schecter, Child Specialist Doctor in Hyderabad, At the time of the intake of vaccines in babies, it is very important the behavior of parents relieve anxiety and pain that may be felt by the child.If a parent is too anxious, nervous or worried, surely these feelings will be transmitted to the child unconsciously.

Therefore, in the case of younger children, oral containment is important; while for slightly older children it is important to explain what will happen and that it will only be for a few minutes, at the same time you can try to distract them by singing a song or playing a game.

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Relieve the Pain of vaccines:

According to Schecter, there is a method that relieves the pain caused by the prick of the vaccine. It involves diluting sugar in a small bottle of water and offer the child a few sips a few minutes before the application of the vaccine, which would have an analgesic effect.

During the application, it is important that parents embrace the child, providing restraint and safety. For after the injection, it is advisable to place a small bag of ice in the area where you received the puncture and oral analgesic, such as ibuprofen, after consulting the pediatrician.

The greatest peace of mind that parents have is knowing that we always, always, do the best for our children. That has to give us the serenity to accompany and contain them, even those moments that can be more traumatic for them, such as the moment of the application of the corresponding vaccines or the visit to the dentist.

Embrace them, kiss them, hold their hands, so that they feel that whatever happens, we will always be by their side. Always.

How to make Vaccines not so Stressful for Your Baby:


I’ll tell you about my experience with my eldest daughter’s vaccines. I remember that when I went to put all those that correspond to the entry to elementary school assaulted an uncontrollable fear. It was as if he wanted to escape through the window when he saw the needles. He almost did it, but he could not because the window was too high and could not reach the opening.

At that time I did not know how to prevent her from feeling bad and stressed. It is very true that they say, “from bad experiences you learn”, because it helped me to apply it to my second daughter. I avoided everything that could be stressful for her, and the vaccines did not even feel them!

In this installment, I want to tell you what things you can do so that your children do not feel intimidated by the injections and endure the puncture in a stoic way. Come!

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How to Prevent your Child from Being Afraid of Vaccines:

There are some things you can do that will bring your little one the calm he needs to avoid the stress of injections. First of all take with you your favorite toy or your blanket, something to which you have attachment! Remember that vaccines are given regularly from birth to 6 years and many times you will go to the doctor’s office.

If your child is big, explain with clear words what would happen if you do not get vaccinated. Tell him about all the diseases that would leave him without playing and that the puncture will only last a second. While they inoculate it, make eye contact and talk to it, distract it so that it does not think about the needle and keep it in your lap as firm as you can.

Make your child breathe deeply as the doctor or nurse gives him the injection. After the vaccine, hug him, give him a kiss, praise how well he behaved and tell him how big he is, the kids love that!
Finally, before leaving the office, listen carefully to the specialist’s instructions, which will tell you how to proceed according to the type of vaccines you have given your baby.

The last advice is not for you to apply it to your child, but with yourself: Remember that the vaccines are applied for your benefit and that everything we do for the benefit of your health is the best gift we can give you.

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