5 Design Trends That Will Dominate in 2018

Design Trends

With every New Year come new wishes for renovations and there are also new trends that you need to take into consideration if you want to have a modern home. These trends are quite fickle and designers want to impose their own styles upon us, so you need to find a perfect blend among st all these fashionable choices. This process of reestablishing new trends every single year is more than welcomed because we’re all sick and tired of last year’s trends and are ready for some bold choices and new inspirations. Much like last year, some trends are still going strong, while the others have undergone drastic changes which were a surprise for everyone.



Don’t look at this just as this year’s trend, but look at it as a timeless part of interior design which is always trendy. Over time, this natural element has become more than just a flower pot material and has instead found its way into every part of a modern house. You can bring warmth into your living room by painting it bronze or dark orange which will also create a Spanish feel in your home. Also, you can choose a piece of furniture, or a whole set, and reupholster it using this specific shade. If you want to start small, add a picture frame, a painting or some decorative element to keep up with the trend without going overboard. Aside from terracotta, you can use other natural materials which are more than popular due to their beauty and sustainability.

Statement ceilings:

Statement ceilings

This one is so versatile you can adapt it to any home design – you can either be bold and go big, or be a bit more humble and first see whether it works for you. Last year, we have witnessed the birth of big chandeliers and this trend continues with a little twist when it comes to color. The main focus is on gold and bronze hues and as many details as possible which outline the perfection of having a unique element in every room of your house. Aside from that, 2018 will be the year when we’ll see lots of intriguing color choices when it comes to ceilings. Not only does this novelty design include playing with colors, but also different textiles that will add more depth to your ceilings.

Exterior projects:

Being quite a neglected part of the house, the exterior doesn’t get much attention nor do people spend a lot of money on it. If you have a brick wall, for instance, the only thing you need to do is check for any damages, and, if any occur, repair them as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you want to change the look of your exterior, you can use a neutral shade and simply repaint your house. After all, the appeal of lighter shades will bring out the outline of your house and make it look more sophisticated. This can be done with the help of professionals or you can turn it into a DIY project. You will need some paint, a few brushes and a reliable scaffolding to stay safe during the renovations. A rising trend of texture applies to the exterior as well and you can search for different painting techniques which will help you add that much-needed depth to your walls.



This trend comes as a surprise and is completely different from the last year’s minimalistic trend which many people used to work with. Doing something completely opposite is tricky because you can go from zero to a hundred before you know it and basically ruin everything you worked on before. However, you can accomplish such a look by using different prints, layering rugs, non-traditional pieces of design and accompanying all of that with bold statements and decorative elements. Apart from that, by mixing different types of elements – the kitchen and the bathroom are perfect for that – you can certainly achieve the sense of maximalism without creating clutter. Designers recommend tricks like using lots of flowers or adding a few types of curtains to create the sense of depth.

You can always stay trendy by going for Pantone’s color of the year and painting a part of your room, or even more than that, in this interesting shade. There are many more trends you can choose from, but these were at the top of every list and recommended by almost every big designer. Whether you want to be stylish or just wish to add a dash of something new into your home, you’ll find it easier with these ideas that can guide you through some of the hottest trends that will surely become a part of many homes. As always, it goes without saying that you need to make everything match your style and personality or you’ll end up in a home you won’t be in love with.

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