What Are The Different Types Of Hot Water Systems?

Different Types Of Hot Water Systems

Hot water system is one of the modern conveniences, and the necessities during a cold weather when it becomes to take a cold shower. Several homes use these systems during the winter season. Find out about the different types of systems of this type that come from water heater manufacturers and are designed to satisfy your needs.

Electric Systems: 

As the name indicates, these types of heaters run on electric power. These can be usually classified into 4 main types, which include:

  • Electric storage tank system
  • Electric continuous flow systems
  • Electric boosted solar systems
  • Heat pump systems

It is important to look for energy efficient electric heaters, in order to keep your energy bills on the lower side.

Storage Systems: 

These systems heat water in the same way as an electric or gas system. Similar to electric kettles used in kitchens, these convert electricity to heat energy. With the help of a heating element, these make the water warm. The heated water, due to convection movement within the tank, is stirred or moved. The heating element is switched off once the water is heated and attains a predetermined temperature.

A thermostat controls the hot water temperature and keeps it in a prefixed range. The thermostat works similar to an automatic switch. Once the water within the tank gets cooled to a prefixed temperature, the thermostat gets activated and energizes the heating element. This helps in heating up the water.

On Demand Systems:

This is a tank-less hot water system and on demand in form. The systems heat up water only during those times when you need a hot water supply. You can infuse these into hot water systems that make use of solar heating and storage tank.

Most of the instant water heaters work through a flow sensor that switches on a gas burner heating up a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger has pipes for water supply wrapped about it, and the transfer of heat from the exchanger warms the water.

Different Types Of Hot Water Systems

Solar Systems:

These are the most eco-friendly and inexpensive hot water system to be found. A pump is used by the active systems for water circulation through the solar collectors and the storage tank. Passive systems draw hot water off and let cold water enter into the collectors, before being directed to the storage tank.

While solar systems need quite a bit of initial investment, these can be a solid investment for your house. Before you set up such a system, be careful of the size of the collector area and evaluate the size of your property or family. The quality of water is essential to consider while setting up a solar system. This is because the longevity of solar collectors could be impacted by highly mineralized or hard water.

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Combi Boiler: 

This is a central heating boiler having an intricate internal arrangement that lets direct heating of the tap water at home, while the water passes through. This kind of hot water system is very beneficial for homeowners, given that there is no hot water cylinder to consume space and the installation expense is low as well.

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder: 

Such kinds of systems operate at mains pressure rather than being supplied with water from a rooftop tank. The water from hot taps flows as quickly as cold main taps. You can find your showers operating very well and the bathtub filling up fast. These are lower in cost but have to be set up by an expert plumber with proper training. Unless these are serviced from time to time, the systems can suffer a breakdown.


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