Explore Some Expert Tips for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Bathroom Remodeling

Everyone dreams of a bathroom that reflects their personality and style and delivers the level of comfort that they are looking for. Moreover, a bathroom must necessarily have the right amenities and fixtures that are just right from both the value and functionality perspectives. The good news is that you could remodel a bathroom as per your unique requirements simply through careful planning and making the right choice of design. Here are some effective bathroom remodeling tips from the experts to translate dream bathroom remodeling plans into reality.

Focus on Planning:

No project could be successful without proper planning in advance. You must focus on chalking out an effective bathroom remodeling plan before even getting in touch with a remodeling company. You must discuss with other family members who would be using the bathroom along with you. If it is your master bedroom attached bathroom, it is a good idea to discuss designs, finishes, and fixtures with your spouse. You must, however, chalk out a bathroom remodeling budget. You must try to stick to your budget while planning. But it is always a good idea to keep aside some extra money because you may encounter some unanticipated issues while renovating your bathroom.

It is important to stick to the plan once you initiate the bathroom renovation project. The entire remodeling process may involve almost 30 to 90 days of work. It is best to steer clear of any temptation to alter or modify the set plan unless there are some unanticipated issues cropping up or financial constraints. Any alteration of plans could mean spending more and also, an extension of the completion date.

Sometimes, it could prove to be overwhelming to set a clear-cut or precise plan for your bathroom renovation project. In such a situation, it is best to contact an expert and experienced remodeling contractor to seek his advice and professional assistance. A bathroom remodeling specialist could be offering a vision for your unique style and effectively tackle scheduling issues for both vendors and installers.

Decide Whether to Opt for Customized Bathrooms:

For many of you, bathroom remodeling would mean creating a customized space filled with several suite fixtures. You may use matching countertop. Wallpaper, towels, shower curtain, bathroom accessories, towels and more as per your personal choice and unique preferences. You no longer need to settle for the usual mass-produced décor items and fixtures for your bathroom. Many of you aspire to remodel your bathroom in such a manner that it becomes a showstopper for your esteemed guests. Your guests would be full of appreciation when they walk out of your fully-renovated and customized bathroom.

Get in touch with expert Bath Remodeling Long Island, for renovating your bathroom and customizing it with personalized bathroom accessories. You may consider decorating your bathroom cabinets with decals. You may decide to incorporate matching knobs. You must remember to add custom-tailored night light, the electrical cover, and the switch cover for the light.

Upgrade the Vanity:

While bathroom remodeling, it is important to upgrade the vanity. As per https://www.hgtv.com, “Want to upgrade your tired vanity? Try hunting vintage and antique dressers at flea markets and antique stores. It’s not difficult to cut out the space to hide the plumbing and seal drawers that need to stay in place, and you can set a sink in it or on it.” Nobody would be having an identical vanity like yours. Your custom-tailored vanity would steal the show without you having to spend a fortune on it.

Pay Attention to the Mirror Frame-Up:

Consider dressing up the builder-grade bathroom mirror simply by using a fascinating frame instead of spending through your nose and buying a massive hanging mirror. A splendid frame could help in hiding any wear and tear such as the undesirable flaking that takes place around the mirror edges and infuses a fresh new look that is sure to grab your attention.

Use Fascinating Lighting Design:

You could boost the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom by adding strategic lighting to your overall bathroom décor. Enhanced lighting could add a whole new dimension to your bathroom décor and could prove to be a valuable change. You may opt for well-designed and well-planned vanity lighting to effectively eliminate the shadows on the faces. It is a wonderful idea to use a fantastic combination of wall sconces with LED recessed lights over or beside the bathroom mirror. You may consider the installation of dimmer switches in the case; you find it to be too bright.

In this context, experts believe that to light up a bathroom overhead lighting is critical. If you wish to choose ambient lighting options, you may consider using frosted glass fixtures, sunken track lighting, or rice paper. Moreover, you could opt for perimeter lighting to create an ambient glow and useful lighting. Experts also, recommend pendant lighting while remodeling your bathroom.

Consider Maximizing the Space:

You need to use up all the space especially if your bathroom size is quite small, you need to come up with creative and innovative design ideas that would help in making your bathroom look larger. Use glass doors for showers and tubs and opt for pedestal sinks as these would be creating a sense of space and opening up your bathroom. You may use towel racks and cabinets above the toilet if you need some storage space but do not have much floor space for working with.

Choose Durable & Timeless Flooring:

Ceramic, porcelain, and even stone tiles certainly look fascinating to the eyes. Besides their aesthetic appeal, they are known to be water-resistant. Hence, they are the right choice for your bathroom flooring. From the durability point of view, you may choose baseboard tiles that also, infuse an element of elegance to the overall bathroom décor.

Conclusion: Consider the Future while Remodeling Your Bathroom:

If you are thinking in terms of selling your home in a few years from now, it is essential to ensure that your remodeling project must help in boosting the overall value of your property. However, if you have no such plans in the near future, you must opt for a bathroom design that you would love to have and which is a true reflection of your lifestyle and personality.

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