Mellanox: The Hand That Protects The Performance Of Your Data Center

Ethernet Solution

The invent of internet services was not less than a boon to the mankind, making it easier for them to transfer any type of information to another corner of the world within the short span of time. But, do you know, apart from the internet there are various factors like switches, cables, adapter car which equally play an incredible in role sharing the data between two or more centres at the same time. Going through this requirement the data centres of all big organizations are always in search of authentic, reliable and scalable products that are capable of smoothly sharing the huge information shared by them with different sources. Mellanox is an established name that offers end to end InfiniBand Ethernet interconnect solutions to the organizations struggling with the problem of slow data transmission between different centres connected with them.

InfiniBand also referred as IB can be defined as a computer networking communication centre that is used for high performing computing system by making use of high defined output sources with minimum latency. The IB center can be used not only between the different computers and also as a direct switch within storage system and servers. Now the question arises that what benefits the organizations can enjoy by becoming Mellanox Ethernet Technical Partner. Mellanox provides complete 10/25/40/50/100Gb/s Ethernet solutions for different data centers according to their requirements.

The Ethernet solutions offered by Mellanox are mainly dependent on an array, that is recognized as industry’s high performing Ethernet switch ASIC, thus making them the perfect match of technically advanced and creatively designed switches that are compatible to different types of network applications and other tools.

The reasons behind the use of products offered by Mellanox:

Today, going through the increasing use of the internet, especially the increasing trend of online shopping it has become imperative for the organizations to have a strong data center, that is capable of bearing the burden of huge data set without any complexity. Let us find the benefits that the e-commerce websites and various other organizations can enjoy by making use of solutions offered by Mellanox.

1. Data Transmission according to flexible bandwidth:

Bandwidth in simple words can be defined as the frequency at which the data transits from one center to another. Interestingly, keeping the requirement of each organization the group offers a complete solution of data sharing at the speed of 10/25/40/50/100Gb/s according to the requirement of each data center. It would be interested to know with increasing data set the bandwidth can be enhanced that is compatible to the data center.

2. Cost effective:

The products offered by Mellanox are quite economical as compared to the products offered by other manufacturers. The worth mentioning feature about Mellanox is that going through the vast technical developments in the world of Ethernet and IB solutions the group keeps on manufacturing the products that do not put any type of extra financial burden on the shoulders of the organizations.

3. Instant installation:

The products offered by Mellanox can be easily installed and can be used easily by the IT experts who are responsible for data sharing and maintenance of these components.

4. Control over the bugs:

Finally the last but not the least, nowadays, the security of data of all the big organizations has been always at an edge and a little mistake is enough to make it easier for the hackers to hack the whole data. But, the products offered by the renowned group provide complete security to your data while its transmission.

Apart from above mentioned benefits, there is a plethora of benefits that big organizations enjoy by buying the products offered from Mellanox.


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