Tips For How To Prepare The Mattress While Shifting?

Mattress While Shifting

Shifting to a new place always entails pacing and moving all your belongings from one location to the next. Although many people prefer to sell off their old possessions and purchase new ones at the destination, it might not always be possible in the case of big-ticket items. Shifting a mattress from one location to another is actually an easy job if you go about it the right way. These tips for shifting the mattress will come in handy when you plan to shift to a new location.

Things To Remember While Packing Your Mattress:

Wrap The Mattress:

You can use plastic sheets to wrap up your Wake Fit mattress to protect it from water and dirt. In case the plastic sheet does not reach the edge, you can use shrink wrap to make sure every corner of the mattress is completely covered.  In fact, using plastic sheets to cover your mattress offers it a 100% protection from outside elements while being transported to a new location.

Place Blankets Under A Mattress:

In case you are using a moving truck to shift your possessions, placing an old comforter or blanket underneath the mattress will help you slide the mattress in and out of the truck. Mattresses tend to be a bit heavy, and placing a blanket underneath makes the job a lot easier.

 Rent a Covered Moving Truck:

If you are planning on renting a moving truck, pick a covered one rather than an open one to protect all your things including your mattress from bad weather. This will guarantee that all your possessions reach your new location undamaged.

 Check the Weather:

In case you are unable to rent a covered truck, remember to check the latest weather reports before moving ahead. You can also use a tarp to cover the mattress to help protect it in case of unexpected rains.

 Place Mattress between Furniture:

Important mattress packing & moving tips also include placing your mattress upright in between furniture to act as a cushion while being transported in a truck. It helps your mattress stay upright and protect your furniture from bumping into one another at the same time. 

Things Required While Packing A Mattress:

In case you do not have access to plastic sheets to cover your mattress, you can also purchase mattress bags to keep your mattress safe and clean. These bags are also used by many people while placing their mattress in long-term storage. You will also need some tape to make sure that the mattress bag is sealed. You can either go all around the mattress bag horizontally or vertically. In order to prevent your mattress from going flying out of your vehicle, it is a good idea to invest in some poly ropes or ratchet straps. These strong ropes will make sure that mattress stays in place regardless of the movement of the truck.

One of the important things to consider while wondering How to Pack Mattresses is to make sure that you have plenty of room. One way of going about this is moving everything else out of your bedroom and place your mattress against a wall. This will give you more floor space to maneuver the mattress as you pack it for transportation. Once the packing has been completed, you need to carefully carry the mattress to the vehicle that it will be transported in. If you are planning on using your car, you will need to secure it to the roof and use ropes through open windows to keep it firmly in place. However, remember not to pass the ropes through the driver’s side as it will not allow you to open the door.


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