Logistics Companies: 5 Reasons to Use Truck Dispatch Software

Truck Dispatch Software

Here’s a warning for any logistics company owner: if you’re not already utilizing dispatch software, your business will continue to fall behind the curve and struggle to match up against the competition. The time to act is now. Otherwise, it could spell the end for your company.

Current dispatch software options are cloud-based applications that run through smartphones. They incorporate communication tools, data storage, real-time location tracking, and many other useful features that can significantly improve a logistics business virtually overnight.

If that hasn’t convinced you, here are five reasons to use truck dispatch software if you run a logistics company.

1. Route optimization

When you have powerful trucking dispatch software at your disposal, planning routes is a simple process. With the assistance of a map or order grid, dispatchers can build routes that optimize travel time. The software will also locate the best routes automatically, accounting for numerous factors – such as proximity, traffic, and customer time windows – that can affect delivery times.

2. Autoroute

Extending on from the previous point, the best dispatch software will provide automation in other areas when coming up with routes. For instance, a dispatcher will first select the number of drivers available and which deliveries need to be made for a specific day. With this information, the system can generate optimal routes for each vehicle. Furthermore, and by using their current location for assistance, the software will select the best-positioned driver to complete a specific order.

3. Access to real-time information

Due to the ability to continually track the status of each delivery online, you can gain real-time information whenever needed. This is particularly advantageous in identifying potential problems before they turn into major issues. Plus, the quicker any challenges are rectified, the less chance they will have to disrupt your business operation.

As an example, you could spot that a delivery has been delayed and won’t reach its destination at the agreed time. You can then contact the client at the earliest possible time and let them know the situation. While they won’t be happy about the delay, obviously, the quicker they’re aware of it, the less damage it will do to your business relationship.

4. Accurate GPS tracking

When they’re fully aware of each driver’s location and the routes they’re taking, dispatchers are better informed – and this means they ultimately make better decisions. With dispatch software and the accurate GPS tracking that’s built into it, this goal can be accomplished with ease. Dispatchers can alter routes when necessary, while the software’s built-in communication tools make it simple to contact drivers and message them at any time.

5. Improve efficiency across the board

When you combine all of the previous reasons, it’s easy to see how your entire operation receives a significant efficiency boost. Forget about using emails, online calendars, whiteboards, and other traditional, labor-intensive processes. With a cloud-based truck dispatch system, you can save considerable time, improve accuracy, and boost customer satisfaction levels.

All of these above points showcase why using truck dispatch software is something you should be using.

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