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Learn PHP

PHP is one of the most popular scripting Languages on the web and it has multitude of used. It is commonly used in ecommerce and ever used on the sites like wikipedia.org, facebook.com, googe.com, and so on. Are you interested to learn PHP but can’t decide where and how should start? I have provided here a list of site with brief description; these will be very helpful for you. The best parts of these sites are free to use.


Of course, first choose of online PHP learning is Codecademy. It is one of the most popular options for any programming or coding Language including PHP, and you don’t require any previous knowledge to start from here. All time, codecademy added new projects for PHP. It is the mind of PHP resource to keep returning as your grow.

Learn-HPH Interactive Tutorial

It has an interactive tutorial that displays the results of your code as you’re going, and no more software install required to learn from here. It is a great place for completely bigger because many of the lessons are on basic topic.

Learn PHP YouTube playlist by Codecourse

Codecourse has uploaded many tutorials in playlist on youtube, begging from the basic level to sophisticated including complex operations like authentication, function, and multidimensional arrays. All the tutorials are very simple for undertaking as a beginner. Codecourse often uploaded new lesson that keep returning you for grow.


PHPBuddy is a mine of lesson, tutorial and content of coding in PHP. It provides coding with description and screenshots but not more tutorial. So, you should not avoid PHPBuddy to get huge knowledge with screenshots.


1keydata is also a source of PHP learner like PHPBuddy. It covers all PHP related topic with the series of guided tutorial. 1keydata also cover MySQL by proper way alone with PHP coding. So, you could think of.

SitePoint PHP

Sitepoint PHP has little bit different from PHPBuddy and 1keydata because the site is not set up as guided tutorial. This site has advance PHP coding design; so, if you have a bit knowledge on PHP, can start on the site.

PHP: The Right Way

This site will make your habit for coding interested because design of content is nice for readers. I am sure that if you are passionate on PHP you can’t avoid the site.

It will be best way to learn PHP with combination of these sites and others. Most part of these site are freely at you service, so, friends read and watch more to learn more and increase your growth with time. I think all these tips and tricks are very helpful to all of you. Just try to enjoy with lessons and passions.


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