The Staggering Growth of Audio Content

Staggering Growth of Audio Content

In recent times, audio-based social applications are gaining a massive reach. The consumption of audio-based content is also rising steadily across social platforms. Currently, the majority of the social applications have introduced audio-based features to it. If you are a social media marketer and haven’t come across audio content, then you are going to miss a huge opportunity. Because, it is estimated that in the coming times, audio content may gain a considerable reach as video content. People may spend significant time hearing audio content in the near future. The article will give you the reasons why marketers should focus on audio content.

The Impressive Growth of Clubhouse:

Everyone’s attention turned towards audio content with the impressive growth of Clubhouse, which is a complete audio-based social application. The platform was opened to Android users in the midst of May. It managed to garner around 2 million android downloads within the period of two months. No other social application is able to incur such fast downloads. Thus, marketers are amazed by the astonishing growth of this social application. The number of people who start using this social platform keeps increasing day after day. So, it is able to grow as a potential market for promotions in the coming times. It is notable that Clubhouse has launched only its beta version. But, it seems that people are hugely satisfied with this very basic version.

People are so much glued to Clubhouse that the time spent on other social platforms has dropped drastically. Trollishly can give you accurate data on the impressive growth of this social application. The platform provides the freedom to choose what should appear on your feed. As soon as you create an account on Clubhouse, it asks for your interest with multiple options. You can choose one from various options ranging from tech, product, investment, arts, and culture. Based on the choices you make, your feed will be optimized. For instance, if you pick arts&culture, the rooms that discuss movies and music will appear on your feed. Thus, the kind of content that you prefer only will appear on your feed. This is a notable characteristic of Clubhouse that makes people stick with it. Due to this customization feature, the time people spend on this platform will only increase in the near future. Because if one fails, another room will catch the attention of the user and drive him into it. This, in turn, will increase the time he consumes at Clubhouse. Thus, this platform has the possibility to grow as a primary marketing medium.

The Growth of Audible:

The number of people who have started using Amazon’s Audible has also increased rapidly in recent times. Storytel is also an app that has historical stories in the narrative format. This application is also witnessing an increase in its number of users. Thus, in recent times, people are more interested in listening than in watching content. Hence, if the user base of these applications continues to increase steadily, it may gain immense importance for marketing in the coming times. This will pave the way to the rise of paid services like there are buy real tiktok likes packages for TikTok.

The Advent of Twitter Spaces:

On seeing the increasing importance of audio content, Twitter has launched Twitter Spaces, the audio-space where people could interact in real-time. Usually, Twitter is the social application where global happenings will be discussed. So, the addition of this feature has eased the process of exchanging opinions. If any global occurrence happens, Twitter is the place where we can find much information about it. So, the launch of Twitter Spaces will lead to the discussions of various occurrences vocally in real-time. Trollishly is one of the digital marketing services which has clients from various countries. It can aid you in creating interesting audio content for your brands. Reports state that after the launch of Twitter Spaces, the time people spend on Twitter has increased considerably. Thus, through this, you could understand the love for the people on audio content. Twitter is expected to bring new modifications to Twitter Spaces to make it stick to this feature.

Wrapping Up:

Snapchat has also joined the bandwagon by introducing an audio-based content feature to its platform. This feature has also received good reception among its users. Thus, audio content is anticipated to gain massive importance in the coming times. Hence, marketers should act proactively and find ways to reach their target audience through this form of content.


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