Beautiful Flowers And Their Surprising meaning of flowers

Beautiful Flowers And Their Surprising meaning of flowers

Flowers are like the most beautiful creation of nature. Their beauty, their traits and their benefits (to some extent) leave us mesmerised. Only a few of us would know that every flower has a beautiful meaning attached to it which is what makes it perfect to be gifted as birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, condolences flowers or flowers that speak of some of our deepest feelings or emotions when passed on to the other person. So here are a few beautiful flowers and their surprising meanings which will leave you amazed. Make sure to give this article a read.


  1. Carnation – These beautiful ruffled petalled flowers hold some crush-worthy sentiments which make it perfect for every secret admirer to connect with their crushes. While the dual-toned carnations signify the feelings of “I cannot be with you”, whereas the yellow carnations signify contempt.Edelweiss
  2. Edelweiss – This exotic beauty stands for courage and devotion as they strive to survive in harsh Alpine conditions. As per some, this flower also has an image of purity and lasting love.
  3. Amaryllis – Coming in beautiful bright colours, these optimistic blooms bursting of excitement is said to signify pride. They are so full of life and colours it feels like something blissful awaits for the recipient as they are gifted.magnolia
  4. Magnolia – These serene white flowers bloom when the spring arrives, hence stands for reflecting the love of nature. When gifted to someone, this flower tends to create an excitement hush amongst the recipient.
  5. Dahlia – Native to Mexico and Central America, these ruffled flowers stand for pomp and dignity. Dahlia is mostly passed from a person to another on a victorious occasion like that of graduation or to commemorate some new happy beginnings.Rosemary
  6. Rosemary – Evoking feelings of remembrance as this flower has been said to enhance memory, rosemary has got some medicinal properties to bestow with its goodness. Rosemary is widely used as a herb to add its special aroma to various dishes across various cuisines.
  7. Hibiscus – Large colourful flowers having some medicinal properties even, a hibiscus stands for delicate beauty. It is also the national flower of Hawaii and is quite widely used in Hawaiin hula symbology.
  8. Sunflower – Resembling the brightness of the Sun, sunflowers were initially thought by some Spanish explorers that they were made of golf due to its vibrant yellow colour. Due to this reason, sunflowers are said to symbolize “false riches”. Surprised? We too were when we first figured out.sunflowers
  9. Red Tulips – What’s the first flower that comes to your mind when we talk of romance? Red roses, isn’t it? tulip_flowerWell, not just red roses but red tulips also stand for declaration of love mostly during the springtime ( as it’s their growing season).
  10. Daisy – Representing innocence, this cheery little serene white flower having a yellow dial also makes a fitting reference to the first level of Girl Scouts. As per archaic English, daisy means “day’s eye”.
  11. Pansy – Pansies get its name from the French word “pansée,” which means a bloom symbolising thoughtfulness and remembrance. Probably this is the reason you will find a pot full of a pansy at some funeral. They might seem like delicate beauties but are hardy flowers which can survive in nominal conditions, requiring less or no maintenance, at all.Lavender
  12. Lavender – From its aroma to its beautiful purplish hue, everything about this flower leaves us all in awe of it. Lavender symbolises feelings of devotion and makes an excellent gift for one who needs to relax a bit.
  13. Chrysanthemum – Though this flower might be difficult to be pronounced but has a simple yet very straightforward message to convey – that is honesty. Coming in bright hues and multi-layered petals, this flower is native to East Asia and northeastern Europe.
  14. Red Roses – On days when people like to speak of their love, rosedesire and passion of the other person, a bouquet full of red roses comes handy. That is the reason it is a major hit on Valentine’s day.

So, these were a few beautiful flowers and their astonishing meaning, which makes it perfect for us to know about when to gift birthday flowers to our loved ones.

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